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    DZ77BH-55K can I reset BIOS? Monitor problem.


      Well I have gotten myself into a fine problem. I hope you all can help me.


      I have just built a new box with the above MoBo with Win 7 Pro, i7-3770, and everything was working just fine. I found that the integrated HD 4000 graphics of the chip was not strong enough to run my NEC 30" monitor which has resolution of 2560x1600.


      So I bought a new Graphics card, MSI R6850, installed it in the PCIe slot and hooked up power, checked the connections again and note that the fan has been turning and there is some heat off the heatsink.


      But I believe that windows never recognized the board.


      Here is where I went wrong:

      Thinking that the BIOS was perhaps preventing the card from working, I reset IGD to "always disable" and Primary Video adapter to "PCIe"


      Now the machine boots, but I cannot get any moniotr signal and therefore am "blind" to work on the computer. I suspect I have set the bios so that I can neither use the integrated HD 4000 or a graphics card that has probably not been recognized by windows and may be faulty.


      Oh Boy, I am major stuck. A friend suggested that I "reset" the BIOS, but googling for this has not helped me in this regard.


      Can anyone give me some advice on how to get back to a computer at least working off the HD 4000 integrated graphics again.


      Thanks for helping me out of a major jam.

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          There is a button on the back near the USB connectors, this is called Back To BIOS, if you depress this it will light red when the computer is turned on and should get you back into the BIOS to make your setting changes.


          The HD4000 will drive your monitor but only over the DisplayPort connection to another DisplayPort.  If you only have DVI input to the monitor then an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter that supports dual link is required, these are quite expensive.





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            Dear Phil,


            THANK YOU so much for the fast help. I did find on my own how to reset BIOS, but still no luck. I did not know that the button on the back to enter BIOS had to be pushed before boot up. Thanks for that tip. I did do that and DID finally get my monitor back up. Whew!


            Interestingly all my "resetting" of the BIOS did nothing and my altered settings were still right there, which of course I switched back to factory settings immediately.


            Now my computer is back thanks to YOU.


            I am running my big monitor off the HDMI port with a generic HDMI to DVI-D convertor and max resolution allowed is 1680x1050.


            Thanks for the tip about DisplayPort to dvi converter with dual link support. I never would have known.


            Well now I have the new Graphics card, so I will try installing that again and hope windows will recognize it.


            I will repost in a bit to say what my outcome is.


            Thank you again Phil; I really thought I had screwed up big time.

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              I reinstalled the MSI R6850 graphics card and still no go. The fan is turning so power is connected. I have checked the insertion twice. But windows does not recognize the new addition and there is nothing in the device manager. Does this mean that I have a faulty Graphics card that needs to be returned?



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                Traveled back to Fry's and replaced the video card with the same model. Still powered with fan operable, but no video or recognition in device manager. Even tried second PCIe slot and still no go.


                I will start a new thread asking about a possible BIOS glitch preventing recognition of the video card or possible faulty MoBo.