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    Widi Won't connect


      I did a complete uninstall and reinstall and now widi won't connect at all.  The laptop sees the adapter, but when I click connect, the laptop screen just blinks and the adapter doesn't do anything (it used to at least flash a green light and start to connect).


      When I go into My Wifi to enable and disable it like was suggested in another thread, it says "it has been configured with a non-supported profile, the default profile will be used".  It won't let me change profiles, remove profiles (it says they're all in use), or make a new profile.   I think this is part of the problem, but I have no idea how to fix it.


      This thing is way more of a pain than it's worth.



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          I understand that you have some questions in regards of the Intel® Wireless Display Technology.

          On this case what I can suggest you are updating the drivers of your system using the recommended drivers from the system manufacturer and try again, you can also use this link and update the first three drivers for your system:

          Software and drivers for Intel® Wireless Display


          Make sure that you select the correct version type for your operating system 32 or 64 bit version, also please install the drivers in the following order: 1 - Wireless (WiFi) Driver, 2 - Graphics Driver, 3 - Wireless Display Software, 4 - WiDi Widget (optional).  It is also recommended to restart the PC after each driver or software installation.

          Once you complete the process please try again and see if this procedure solves the problem.