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    DX580G board causing random lockups.


      I7 @ 2.8GHz

      12 gigs of Corsair XMS3 ram

      160 Gig OCZ2 agility hard drive

      GeForce GTX 560 ti graphics card


      I removed all external devices. Reinstalled windows. Installed Intel drivers and updates (bios is already at current version). Installed graphic card updates. Ran windows update to get all updates. No other software is installed (fresh install).


      I recently swapped out for a replacement motherboard for a faulty lan port. Ticket 8000448860.


      Before I wiped my computer I ran these tests looking for other faulty hardware:

      SeaTools on all 3 hard drives with the standard in depth test - no errors

      MemTest86 - 9 hours overnight, 6 passes, no ram errors detected

      Windows memory test - 2 times

      Prime95 - 2 hours to test cpu, 100% usage, no errors

      Unigine Heaven benchmark on 1 dislplay and 2, both pass (1000+ and 500+ score respectively)

      MSI Kombustor on gfx - 1 hour burn in test, pass

      FurMark burn in test - pass


      I installed windows 7 via DVD drive, no problems

      Only usb devices hooked up are mouse and keyboard.


      This problem started occurring right after I got my new board indicated in the ticket. I can't find any faulty hardware, windows log doesn't provide any help. I have all bios settings at defaults - nothings been tweaked or changed yet. I removed the other 2 drives when I reinstalled, it crashed after I updated everything and started the windows assessment test.


      I'm at my wits end in testing - been doing this all week after work.


      Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have other hardware to test with, but it doesn't seem likely its something else.




      --- EDIT 6-13-12

      After speaking with a very helpful Intel support agent, we came to the conclusion I had the wrong voltage on my memory. The new board automatically set my memory voltage at 1.515v which was too high for the cpu. I purchased slower memory that would run at 1.5v and retested with that. I've gamed for almost 40 hours with no problems. I never realized I would have to overclock to use 1600Mghz memory on this board, but upon close inspection of the specs, it was my fault.


      Thanks Intel, you guys were great.

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          I recieved a great response from Intel tech. support. I'm using 1600 MGHz memory, trying to go with a slower memory, making the move from 6 to 12 gigs may have caused my cpu to become unstable at 1.5v memory settings.I didn't realize my board was rated with the 1600 speed only with overclock.


          I"ll post back how I make out in a few days when my new memory gets here.