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    DZ77BH-55K power connection problem


      My DZ77BH-55K MoBo has a 2x4  12 volt power socket (as well as the main 2x12 socket)


      My Blue Storm II 500 watt Power supply only has a 2x2 12 volt plug for the 2x4 socket on the board (not a 2x4 plug).


      My previous build with an Abit IP35 Pro MoBo allowed the connection of this 2x2 power supply plug to its 2x4 board socket and it seemed to work fine.


      The new DZ77BH-55K board documentation does not mention the ability to connect this 2x2 power supply plug to the 2x4 socket. It is silent on this issue.


      Question: Is it safe and OK to use the 2x2 power plug attaching to the board's 2x4 socket? It fits nicely in the first 2x2 block of pins in the 2x4 socket (just like in my last build with the Abit MoBo)


      Thanks for your help!