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    DH61WW and i5-3450 at 1600MHz memory speed


      Hello all,


      I'm new in this forum and hoping to find answers from the experts here. I'm gonna build a new system with the aforementioned components, questions:

      1. Will DH61WW run at 1600MHz memory bus speed if I get the new 22nm CPU and DDR-3 1600 mem modules? (Suppose I pick an Ivy Bridge CPU that runs native at 1600MHz)

      2. Intel is not gonna like this one but I'm gonna ask it anyway; there's space for an additional PCIe slot on the motherboard but the connector is missing. If I get a x1 connector and solder it to the empty slot in the motherboard will it work?

      3. Will LSI 9211-8i, which is a x8 SAS/ SATA RAID card work in the x16 slot meant for graphic card?


      Many thanks in advance,