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    S1200BTL chassis fan running full speed




      I have an S1200BTL motherboard and an P4303xxsfcnna chassis.  I've used Intel Deployment Assistant to update BIOS, BMC, FRU, etc.  The chassis fans are still running at full speed.  The BIOS only has an option to change to altitude, but the fan speed is set to auto and cannot be configured.

      Any reason why the fans would be running full speed on both of my systems?


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          First I would check if the chassis fan is connected to the correct header. With you P4303 chassis, the chassis fan should go to SYS FAN 4. Then run SEL Viewer to check if any error is logged.

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            Fan is on SYS FAN 4. No errors in error long

            When I flash BMC the fan will slow down, then speed back up after flashing is complete.

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              When you do FRUSDR update, did it detect the correct chassis?

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                It does show the correct chassis, but doesn't ask for the number of fans.

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                  Can you run the Sysinfo utility and post the log here?

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                    Chris Massin

                    Hello, I too have the same problem. In March I installed x2 S1200BTL based servers using the P4304XXSFCN chassis. I believe the BIOS set I used at the time was the '32' series. I now have another server to setup (based on the same board, chassis and E3-1240 Processor) and the fan will simply not shut up! All boxes are based on Win Svr 2008 R2/x64.

                    The two systems from March have an initial fan boost on power on (as expected), then quieten down to the extent that they are not audible at all (office air conditioning makes more noise). However the server I have in front of me is running the fan at a high rate for no reason (it's only 10 degrees C here in Melbourne, Australia). Rear Fan is on SYS FAN 4 as required. SEL viewer shows average informational events (ie. no 'fan' or thermal related events).

                    I don't quite get how the other two are as quiet as a mouse, but this one roars along. I can get the SYSINFO text file, but I suspect it would be rather lengthy to post. Thank you for all your efforts so far. - Chris

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                      You can zip the sysinfo logs and post as an attachment.

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                        Chris Massin

                        Hello and thanks for your prompt reply.

                        I have to say I am a long time Engineer, having put together PC's in the late 80's with 80286 processors and 640K of RAM, and as such I like to work on machines with 'the top down' so to speak. That is, I like to work on them with the side cover off so I can see what's going on inside with the various status lights. Anyway, I was trawling through the SEL logs and noticed a number of entries regarding 'Chassis Intrusion', presumably because I had the side cover off. To minimise these log entries I decided to put the cover back on and hey presto, on the next reboot the server was nice and quiet! Having said that, I don't recall having the side cover off as being an issue when I setup the last two boxes in March 2012... In fact, I would have thought that with the side cover off, it offers even better cooling and air flow... Anyway I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth - I think my problem is solved. Perhaps I can pass on some information to 'sgiffis' who is also part of this discussion:

                        a). I was told by an Intel Engineer back in March 2012 (regarding a different [RAID] problem) that if you flash the BIOS using the Intel Resource CD you need to run the updates twice to be sure it has taken effect. Also note that when doing the updates (BIOS, BMC, FRUSDR) the CD may report newer versions already on the system than what is contained in the update package; ignore this and select 'Update All' anyway. This is not the case when performing the update via the EFI Shell.

                        2). Try the server with the side cover ON...

                        Thanks so much and hope some of this information has been useful.


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                          Thanks for the help everyone.

                          I tried all of those things but none resolved the issue.

                          We just decided to use the -R version of this board instead and both of those work fine.

                          Still unsure what the issue was.

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                            bryce s



                            I had the same problem with my machine. 

                            The Intel Deployment Assistant did not download the latest available BIOS, etc and did not fix my problem.

                            I had to go to the Intel web site for motherboard and download the firmware from there.

                            After updating via EFI command prompt boot my fans finally calmed down.  Now they are only noisy for the first few seconds after a power on while stuff initialises.


                            a few weeks ago this is what I ended up with:

                            Bios Version: S1200BT.86B.02.00.0037

                            Build date: 05/30/2012

                            BMC Firmware Version: 1.14.3503

                            SDR Version: SDR Package 1.14

                            ME Firmware Version:


                            Regards, Bryce.

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                              bryce s

                              Actually, I take it back, my machine still has this fan speed problem after all.

                              Firmware has not made any difference in the long run.

                              Recently, it is like every third or fourth restart will get the fans at the correct speeds, other times it starts roaring away and has to be reset to try again...


                              I'm becoming very disheartened by this motherboard, haven't had so many problems in a long time


                              Regards, Bryce.

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                                You have to forget about the Installation CD for this one.


                                First load the Bios update onto a USB stick

                                Download Center


                                Go into BIOS at start up (F2) and load up the EFI console


                                From the Tech Specs..


                                1. Ensure BMC release 1.13 or later is pre-installed before attempting this
                                   FRU/SDR update.

                                2. Copy all of the files in the FBTP_1.14.zip archive to a USB key,
                                   hard disk drive or floppy drive.
                                   All of the files in this zip archive must reside in the same directory.

                                3. Boot to EFI and then run the following command to display the
                                   contents of the baseboard FRU device:

                                    FRUSDR /d FRU

                                   If device is empty(which is the case for all new FAB1 baseboards) or corrupted, then
                                   execute the following command to program the empty FRU device:

                                   For S1200BTL:
                                        FRUSDR /fru BTP_BMC.fru

                                4. Now execute the following command to bring up the main FRU/SDR load menu:

                                    FRUSDR /cfg master.cfg

                                5. Select the option which is applicable to what you want to do. On a brand
                                   new baseboard I would highly recommend to run option 3 to program both
                                   the FRU and SDR. By reprogramming the FRU you will be given the option
                                   to input data from the keyboard into various chassis, board and product
                                   areas. Ensure that you select the correct chassis from the chassis
                                   selection menu otherwise your fan sensors will not be configured



                                By following this it helps the Frusdr identify the front control panel where the temp sensor is located


                                Hope this helps



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                                  Did anyone actually solve this problem?


                                  From what I can tell, this is caused by a rather aggressive fan curve values in the stock Intel SDR configuration file. I managed to tone down the curve for the fan and now it's running at ~1500 rpm instead of the original ~2500 rpm and the noise is not a problem anymore.

                                  All of the chassis components were correctly detected but the SDR fan curve configuration was just wrong for it.

                                  However I would definitely not recommend editing those parameters without understanding what you're doing - it's not for the faint of heart.

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                                    Hello Willd247


                                    You solve my problem.


                                    I've done :

                                            FRUSDR /fru BTP_BMC.fru

                                             FRUSDR /cfg master.cfg

                                              I choose choice 3, it detect all my sensors, I reenter serial number and product type of motherboard, I did not write anything for chassi.

                                    hard reboot

                                    And It was finish, here was the sound of silence ;-)


                                    Thanks a lot,



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