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    DP55WB m/b with  GTX560 card. Card no longer seen after bios update?

    Mike Last

      1st post for myself


      I have just updated the bois to the latest 333 version, for no reason other than keeping things current.

      My pc has the DP55WB board, 8Gb memory and the Asus GTX560 graphics card.

      Everything was working prior to the bios update, but now when starting there is no graphical output and the bios code 2 beeps, pause, 2 beeps, saying no card fitted.

      As everything worked prior to the update, i know its not a psu or card seating problem, although i have checked both, and also checked the 560 in another machine (it works fine).

      Reading the notes for the bios update it mentions card compatibility issues have been improved, is it possible that my card is now not usable? if so can i go back to previous bios, as 'not recommended' appears everywhere!!


      help appreciated