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    WIDI connects fine in one room but not another


      I own both the PTV1000 and PTV2000. Both were working fine in both my home theater room and or the bedroom at one time.


      When powering up WIDI in home theater room the TV screen cycles between the Intel Splash screen and no signal. I have tried different HDMI inputs on my receiver and have plugged the HDMI cable directly to one of the spare HDMI inputs on the TV and get the same result. I have tried different HDMI cables and and switched power supplies. I have reset the adapters to factory default. This problem only occurs in my home theater room. I have turned off my wireless router to eliminate that as an interference issue. Both of these adapters worked fine at one time with same hardware configuration, i.e. the same TV-Receiver in the home theater room. The adapters never get past the Intel Splash Screen, i.e. the "Ready for connection..." screen never appears. The Intel Splash Screen cycles repeatedly on and off at about a 15 second interval. Launching Widi on computer the scan cannot find the adapter, needless to say.


      In the bedroom both adapters will immediately go to the "Ready for connection. To get started launch Intel Widi on your computer" screen upon powering up the adapter. After launching Widi on the computer the software will scan for the adapter and then connect successfully.


      The TV in the home theater room is a Panasonic Plasma; the TV in the bedroom is a Panasonic LCD.


      This issue has me totally baffled. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks

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          I understand that you have some questions in regards of the Intel® Wireless Display Technology.

          On this case what I can suggest you is updating the firmware of the PTV, also change this adapter from one tv to the other one, if the issue follows the adapter then one of the PTV’s is not working properly and you might need to replace it.

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            The issue does not follow the adapter. As I stated in my email I've changed everything including HDMI cables, power supplies, adapters, inputs (both HDIM and Composite) and so forth. I did an update of the firmware and updated the Intel Widi software. Both adapters work fine in the room adjacent to our main "theater" room. Moving to the theater room both the PVT1000 and PTV2000 both cycle between the Intel "Splash" screen and no signal detected. The adapter never gets past the splash screen to the launch Intel Widi on your computer to connect screen. This only occurs in the "theater" room. Please read my original post as it details fairly well what I've tried to resolve this issue.

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              Firmware has been updated on both my PVT1000 and PVT2000.


              I think the Panasonic TC-P50S30 Plasma HDMI input possibly does not have a long enough signal detect time. The Intel Widi Splash screen comes up, then an interim blue screen with horizontal lines. This second screen only last 2 seconds before the "no signal detected" message appears. The process continues endlessly.


              On my Panasonic TC-L37U3 LCD the same sequence occurs, but the second screen is visible for 3 seconds then the screen will go dark, followed by the "Connect your computer" screen. Both adapters work fine on the LCD.


              My question then becomes is this a firmware issue with the Widi or a signal detect time with the Plasma? If either, is there a solution?