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    DZ77GA-70K – Hot CPU LED Problem


      At power on, the cpu fan runs 2 seconds, than stops. "CPU hot" LED flashes. No double digit BIOS shows - nothing!


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      Forgot to connect the extra power connection on the MB - sorry - bashing me....

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          Hi Granzilla. Here I found a similar problem, but in another mobo (Z68A-GD80-G3). The output was temporarily install an i7 2600 update the BIOS and finally use the 3770K. The cooling solution used here was RTS2011LC. I hope you serve some help. Good luck.

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            When I power on my system (same DZ77GA-70K board) the (Intel 3770K Retail
            box) CPU fan initially speeds up to an annoying level and then calms down to
            barely audible (normal) speed.


            Ihave not found any way in the BIOS to address this.  With the numerous issues I've had thus far, and the many apparent BIOS instability issues with this board reported elsewhere here (Intel Community Support), I'm not sure if this is normal behavior.   What's your experience with the CPU when PC is first started?


            BTW, I’m running latest BIOS (0039).






            DZ77GA-70K – Hot CPU LED Problem

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              Yes the fan speeds up to full then a few seconds later it's the normal slow speed.


              This is by design to ensure the fans do spin up.  Sometimes a fan will not start if supplied with the voltage that drives it at the slower speed, i.e. it sticks as there isn't enough power to get it turning from being stopped.  So they are driven full speed for a few seconds initially just to get them all spinning.


              It is only a matter of seconds before they slow down, I doubt many people are bothered by this, but I can see it being a problem if the computer is in a bedroom and is turning on for one reason or another during the night.


              I'm not sure it is going to be any different with other motherboards, all motherboards I've used recently have done this, including non-Intel ones.  This isn't Intel doing this, it's part of the monitoring/fan chip functionality.





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                Hi Phil,


                Thanks for your reply and explanation (of why it's necessary), and while it
                seems to make good sense, I find it annoying! To my recollection, I have never experienced
                this "feature" with any motherboard (Including an Intel Z68 board
                from last year) and would hope there's an upcoming BIOS "fix" for it.


                I do appreciate your input!



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                  There is nothing to "fix" here.  My last Intel motherboard (DP35DP) did the same at startup and as Phil said its designed to work this way.

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                    Thanks for your input!