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    low 3570k idle temp




      I just recently built a new z77 computer, with i5-3570k and asrock fatality professional.  I am using H100 cosair to cool.  I used the provided thermal paste on the H100.


      My idle temps are quite varied.


      My cores 1 and 2 are about 29-30 and core 4 is about 25.


      However, Core 3 is about 16.   I have seen variations of 17 degrees celcius with this. 


      Has anyone encountered this before?  Should I be concerned?





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          Your processor seems to be right on par with other Core i5-3570K processor owners with same or similar results here in my humble lab. The i7-3770K varies as well though though much higher temps: Core 1/2 at 38C, Core 3 at 35C, Core 4 at 32C.


          The reason you're seeing those low varied temps is the power management and Intel Speed Step at work. Since you don't need Intel Turbo or all the cores for anything, it throttles the VCore way down resulting in lower temps. You're perfectly fine.


          It's under full load you might want to check the temps to make sure they're staying around 60C or so. That's how you know you have a pretty decent chip. Hope this helps.