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    Please help, for my normal temperature plsss...

    Julius Aloro

      guys i have core i3 2100 3.10 Ghz.  I wonder whats the normal temperature of this kind of processor, because as i monitor them in Coretemp ( i dont know how accurate this program is) it says 70-75 when playing games like HoN. Is this normal? Please also suggest a more accurate software for temp monitoring please thank you so much for any help sorry newbie here... 

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          Your temps could vary based on the monitoring software, but HWMonitor and Intel Extreme Tuning utility also monitor temps if you need a second opinion. HWMonitor will keep track of your lowest, average and highest temps. You can get your idle, load and average temps with it.


          Your temps depend on computer case air flow and CPU cooler in use. With decent case air flow using a stock Retail CPU cooler, your temps are bit high. With poor case air flow, your temps are probably accurate whether using the retail cooler or an aftermarket.


          I'd recommend powering off the system and pulling slightly on the black tabs (retail cooler) to see if they pull back out. It's not uncommon to find a peg not fully pressed through. If you're using an aftermarket CPU cooler, you can remove it and see how the thermal paste dispersed. If the aftermarket cooler is sitting lop sided, the thermal paste will show you.

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            Julius Aloro

            How can i monitor CPU temps in intel tuning utility?

            By the way, my max cpu temp when playing game like HoN is 65-75 and idle is 40-60.. is this normal? And sometime when i restart my computer, megatrends says cpu over temperature error i justg press F1 and it goes to bios, then i continue again to windows.. This is what troubles me.. so please tell me if my temps are safe or not. I am using coretemp..

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              I'm sorry Julius, I said "intel tuning utility" and meant to type Intel Desktop Utilities. You can download it from their site if you have an Intel board. Otherwise, I'd recommend HWMonitor since it's a free one just to confirm Coretemp is accurate. Is it the BIOS (megatrend) that is warning you? If so you need to follow my suggestions.


              Did you check your CPU cooler mounts? Did you double check the cooler's positioning to make sure it's sitting level on the CPU? Used the right amount of thermal paste?

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                Julius Aloro

                Oh , im sorry sir, but i dont know how to put thermal paste. Do i need to remove first the cpu cooler? then where would i put the thermal paste? and what is the right amount of thermal paste that you say? sorry i didnt have much experience about this kind of things.

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                  Is this a computer you bought from a store or system builder? Your temps aren't out of spec. Your temps look similar to systems I've serviced that simply had poor air flow. Here are a couple things I've done to remedy hot systems.


                  1. Computer was inside a cabinet (opening the cabinet door let more cool air in the case).

                  2. Added a case fan to the computer case (some computer cases have optional fan slots in front)

                  3. Removed the stock cooler and re-applied thermal paste. (only on systems 18 months or older typically)

                  4. Replaced the stock retail cooler with a good aftermarket cooler.


                  The first 2 are the most common fixes I've applied over the years. Replacing the cooler with a better one isn't as hard as it seems. Just make sure the system is completely unplugged and use a good flat table surface. If you aren't that comfortable, most PC stores will gladly do it for the cost of the cooler and 30 mins of labor. Just get a few quotes first.