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    Is there a way to enable or disable Intel Virtualization Technology with syscfg utility ?

    Martin Tremblay



      I got a S1200BTL motherboard with a RMM4 module, I cannot enter the BIOS remotely with the RMM4's KVM, probably by the time video is redirected and I see the press F2, is already too late... I was wondering if it could be an option to modify the BIOS parameters with the syscfg utility. I tried, I can see several BIOS settings with it but I cannot find the way to reach the settings, I always get this error "BIOS Variable 'intel virtualization' not found..." even with several keywords... Is the a BIOS variables list available for the S1200BTL ? I tried to use the name of the settings in the BIOS screen, not working


      Thanx in advance for your help or comments