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    Still no fixed BIOS for DZ68BC




      It has been a while since Intel released the infamous 0035 BIOS for DZ68BC board.

      I have not been able to use my desktop at all. Is it really taking so long? There is plenty of affected customers waiting for a solution.


      Obviously Ivy Bridge CPUs are working fine with this BIOS since I have not heard any complaints. BUT all Sandy Bridge users are getting more or less BSODs. Many of the cases even with default BIOS settings and Turbo Boost disabled, like myself.


      I am not going to RMA my board because I hate to rip off all the components and cables that I assembled so beautifully (Yeah, it is a custom PC that took almost 3 months to build and sleeve the cables etc)


      If nothing happens in next two months, I have to violate my rig and replace the board with Asrock (considered before as junk brand... I guess its high end nowadays)

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          I am going to do the same with my DZ68DB and the famous 0040 BIOS update....I wrote it in another thread too. Other brand customers had similar issues with BIOS udates which were supposed to provide Ivy Bridge compatibility and a solution may not have been given yet. I like my DZ68DB board, it's a nice board, but having the turbo Boost overclocking options broken for so long just breaks my patience....

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            I didn't want to tear into my build either but I was left with no choice.  My machine was blue screening every 15 minutes with every tweak I could think of.  Do yourself a favor and just RMA the board.  Otherwise like you said I'd look elsewhere.  I don't see ASUS or Gigabyte sitting on an issue this big if it did happen to them.  At least with either brand they'll release a beta BIOS to rectify problems caused.

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              Are you sure that ivy bridge cpu can work fine with the 0035bios?

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                What a shame, it's been two months now, Intel should have fixed by now, but oh well no fix. Tho something funny is i noticed that in bios the turbo is overridden to 5.9Ghz, so i come to realize it doesn't exactly do anything i have been running my mobo with the overridden turbo but its still 3.7GHz as i use a 2500K, as far as over clocking i haven't tried over clocking the CPU but i run my memory at 1600Mhz XMP, but the fact that the BIOS is faulty is reason enough to want an update tho it doesn't affect me at all mobo still runs very well for those two months Its AAG30742-402

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                  Turn off your pc.

                  Take out the on board battery an insert it inverted for 10 seconds.

                  After that insert back the battery correctly

                  That way the CMOS will be cleard, bios will go back to its factory configuration and boot correctly.

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                    Dear Jaskis, I believe that Intel will not leave his sinking reputation. I understand how hard is to build a custom computer is because I spent two months building mine. Do not be discouraged, Intel always values the quality, I think it must have been a fatal error in this DZ68BC and believe they will solve it, I think they should already be working on it.

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                      Sorry, I already tried that... removed CMOS battery for 30 minutes. Didnt help.


                      And pirlex, I dont understand your link. There is no fixed BIOS available just the same disaster 0035 as before. If you are not aware of this situation, please dont make such "smart" comments.

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                        I'm still using Bios ver 0028 and someone above suggest taking the battery of the Mobo.  I have another problem but Intel suggested that I take out the battery too, but leave it out for 20 minutes and reinstall it.

                        If you are using Bios ver 0035 and your having problems it does no harm to try removing the battery as was suggested to me. (don't invert it take it out)  After you put the battery back in make sure your computer will boot and then go onto Intel web site and upload Bios ver. 0028.


                        I hope this helps some of you.


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                          The *DB* fix is now out, so BC shouldn't be too far behind.

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                            Hello Papagym, which problems are you having with the BIOS #0028?

                            Now I am curious about it.

                            This BIOS is working fine for me in my mobo.

                            Thank you

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                              Hi Edde,

                              Bios #0028 is working fine don't worrry about it. 

                              But my Corsair memory uses an XMP Profile (1.0).  Intel's Bios also has an XMP Profile built into it to, but it's version (1.2).   (Just to make it simple for you to understand one profile has to see the other, but it's a little more complicated than that)  According to Corsair I need to set up the Bios so one profile recognizes the other.

                              I have been trying to do this but I don't know what parameters needs to be set to do this, So I have not been able to do this with any success.  Therefore my RAM it running at 1333 MHz and its supposed to run at 1600MHz.


                              Our fellow member Paul is having problems with his Corsair memory speed too and I suspect there are other users that use this Manufactures Ram are having this problem.


                              I see that reseller made a note above but I have no idea what DB means and I assume BC stands for DZ58BC.


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                                I have also corsair DIMMs and XMP is working fine. It is a little tricky to find the right place in the BIOS to load the profile, but it is there. Could be that some modules are not supported. I have Vengeance 8GB kit:



                                So, if you have the same stuff just look carefully for the right place in BIOS to load the profile.


                                DB stands for a another Intel Z68 based motherboard model.

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                                  Hello, Jim,

                                  thank you for your reply.


                                  Good to hear that the BIOS #0028 is working fine. Thanks!


                                  Well, about one month ago I called to Kingston support, And I made a friendship there and they said to me that Intel is very restricted about memories in their boards. They also said to me that the main point of intel is reability, so, they work with a few memories, you need to pay attention about with using Intel mobos. Intel is very stable but since intel core i3, i5 and i7, the memories are very tailored to each shipset of each motherboard intel. I think it's an industrial agreement so that each generation chipset we require to buy new memories. This became clear in the call that I made for memory manufacturers.


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