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    HD4000 Bugs/glitches


      I have to start a new thread.


      i5-3570k-HD4000 Win 7 SP1 drivers 2696 and 2752, following issues noticed


      - Final Fantasy XIV Benchmark: texture corruption and flickering seen in on scene. Here a screenshot: http://s1.directupload.net/images/120530/shlkrzr8.png


      - Dirt 2 (Steam version): (Bink?) videos on game start are very slow and choppy at ~12 fps, nothing major though


      - Just Cause 2 Demo: stuck on loading screen on game start with every driver. Google says a lot of people suffer from this issue with other GPUs too but I never had this on my i5-2500k-HD3000


      - all directx games: Anisotropic filtering not working when forced in control panel. Nothing new though because same story with HD3000. Bad for games without ingame AF option.


      - various games like Gothic 2, Farming Simulator, UT2004/UMark: GPU Turbo frequency not working. HD4000 remains on the base frequency and therefore it runs much slower as it should. Some newer games had this issue with the 2696 driver. That's why 2752 is so much faster in Far Cry or Half-Life 2, it's fixed there. But some lesser-known games still suffer from it.

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