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    Intel Centrino Wireless-N 1030 card does not see N network

    Chris Harker



      My new laptop (Asus N55SL) has a built-in wireless-n 1030 adapter. I'm using a Netgear DGND3700 Dual-Band router which is already being used by a few devices (via the g and n networks) so I know my router is working fine.


      Both wireless bands are broadcasting their SSID.


      My new laptop does not detect the n network. It can see the g network fine. I've even tried manually adding the n network with no result.


      I've checked adapter properties and they are set as the following:


      802.11n Channel Width for band 2.4 - Auto

      802.11n mode - Enabled

      Ad-Hoc channel for 802.11b/g - 11

      Ad-Hoc QoS mode - WMM enabled

      Bluetooth AMP - disabled

      Fat channel intolerant - disabled

      Mixed mode protection - CTS-to-self Enabled

      Roaming aggressiveness - 3. Medium

      Transmit power - 5. Highest

      Wireless mode - 3. 802.11 b/g


      I think the last 2 are for when I wish to use my laptop as a wireless station (?).


      Everything looks like it should be able to connect to an n-network but it can't.


      I'm using the latest wireless adapter drives from Intel.

      Laptop specs are:


      Windows 7 HP w/ SP1 x64

      Intel i5 2450M (2.5Ghz)

      6GB of DDR3 RAM