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    MTBF of Z77 Mobos


      The "55" model Z77 motherboard seems to best for my needs except that the published MTBF is a fraction of the MTBF for the other motherboards.  It is only about 20,000 hours which is less than three years of 24/7 computing.  (See TechProdSpec documents paragraph 2.7 Reliability).

      Questions about this to Intel support and ask.quality have gone unanswered.

      Does anyone here have any information about this?


      Motherboard ModelMean Time Between Failures
      DZ77SL-50K255,651 hours
      DZ77BH-55K 20,030 hours
      DZ77GA-70K163,183.60 hours
      DZ77RE-75K134,528 hours.