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    MTBF of Z77 Mobos


      Perusing the tech specs for the various Z77 Intel motherboards (2.7 Reliability), I have noted that the "55", which has most of the features I desire, has a MTBF of only about 20,000 hours (less than three years of 24/7 operation) which is considerably less than the MTBF of the other Z77 Mobos.  Questions to intel tech support and to ask.quality have gone unanswered.


      This seems to be a serious disincentive to purchase this board.  Does anyone have any more knowledge about this.


      MotherboartdMean Time Between Failure
      DZ77SL-50K255,651 hours
      DZ77BH-55K 20,030 hours
      DZ77GA-70K163,183.60 hours
      DZ77RE-75K134,528 hours