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    Previous drivers for Intel GMA 3000


      Hi there,


      Using the Macbook Air on Bootcamp at the moment. I have recently upgraded to the latest version of the graphic driver for the GMA 3000 however I noticed that the DisplayPort (VGA) is no longer working. This was never a problem with the older Q4 2011 driver. Where can I go to download the old version of the drivers? I can only see the May 2012 and Feb 2012 driver now in the download (under Support) ... however I need the Q3/Q4 2011 driver version.


      Please help

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          We always recommend installing drivers from the computer manufacturer since the drivers they provide are specifically for your computer model.  I recommend getting in contact with Mac support so; they can provide to you with the correct driver.



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            HI Fred,


            THe problem now is that with the latest version I am only able to ufor output on VGA on shorter cables (which is one of the original problemsfor the drivers provided by Apple for Bootcamp users). After posting this problem on Apple forums, someone found that the generic drivers released by Intel back in Oct/nov 2011 managed to fixed this problem.


            THe problem that I am indicating now ithat's usage of the VGA output over longer cables (such as those found in conference halls). When using the VgA with shorter cable (those that are 1.5 meters to monitor or projectors are working fine). I agree that we shoulalways use the latest drivers but sometimes the oldere one work better than the newer ones and  it meets my requirement.


            DOes Intel keep an archive of the older drivers especially those from sometime back in oct/nov 2011 because I have used that and fully tested it to be working fine. Apple will not have those drivers since they only provide the drivers for mac os x .... I am using windows over bootcamp. really need help on this. thanks.