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        It's simply a displaying issue with Intel Desktop Utilities. It also showed me some S.M.A.R.T. errors; when I checked it with another program, everything was fine (the drive is about 1 year old and had no issues so far and is still running without any problems). And I also get wrong readings on RAM voltage. I'm using 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 CL9 RAM with XMP profile and everything is correctly set.


        You can check your RAM voltage in BIOS (and that value is correct!). There is a value for "Proposed", "Active" (that's your actual voltage for RAM) and one for "Default". You can alternatively check it under "Configuration" -> "Fan Control & Real-Time Monitoring".


        If you don't trust the BIOS values and get weird values from IDU, then you can just open up your case and check the RAM temperature with your fingertips. If your RAM's temperature is somewhere between (60°C - 70°C+), then definitely something's going wrong (it should be somewhere between 30° - 40°; warm, but definitely not hot).

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          Daniel Reyna

          Tolga its not a display issue, and BIOS is not right. setting voltage on my RAM to 1.5v and bios will display 1.7 and 1.4 displays 1.5 also i cant make my memories boot at the stated by manufacturer voltage of 1.25v and i have tested them on another motherboard working flawless


          using the XMP profile (displays 1.8V) which i tried anyway and still wont boot at all  and manually lowering the voltage wont work also

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            I have somewhat similar results to Daniel Reyna.


            My proposed voltage appears as 1.8.  Actual voltage appears as 0.6 (yeah, that's right!).  Default voltage says 1.5.


            It is only when I go into Configuration, Fan Control and Real Time Monitoring, that I see the memory voltage as 1.53.  And I am giving it the benefit of the doubt that this is what the memory is actually running at.  This is correct voltage in my case.


            IDU also shows 1.53.  So far, for me, IDU always agrees with BIOS, Configuration, Fan Control values.


            It took a lot of monkeying around to get to this.  When I manually forced voltage to 1.5, BIOS Fan Control showed voltage as 1.76.  So I went back to the XMP-1600 profile and voltage dropped to 1.53 even though the profile says 1.8.


            It's messed up.  Bottom line.  For my part, I am assuming the BIOS Fan Control values are accurate, and I suggest playing around with different values until you can get BIOS Fan Control to shows the correct value.  Anyone's guess what that might take for any given situation.  I described what I did in an earlier post that worked for me.

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              I have also bought the DH77DF for my HTPC setup and was running it with the mentioned Corsair Vengeance LP CL9 1.5V RAM. Without XMP profile, the RAM just runs at 1333MHz and 1.5V (by setting the BIOS to 1.4V; when I set it to 1.5V, it's running at 1.75V . Intel, fix this!), there is no way to tweak the memory ratio. When I set the RAM to XMP profile, the voltage gets 1.8V (exactly as mentioned by the other users), but all other value are set correctly. There is something really messed up in memory voltages, please fix this asap, because it might damage CPU and RAM.

              As for now, I have RMA'd the RAM modules. Tomorrow, I will hopefully receive my low voltage Corsair Vengeance LP RAMs, which run an 1.35V. I will test them and share my experiences.

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                Today my new RAM arrived. It's the Corsair Vengeance Low-Profile Low-Voltage version (DDR3-1600, CL9, 1.35V). Setting the memory to XMP profile gave me 1.8V again, but I simply applied those settings, without modifying anything. Well, after a reboot, the BIOS tells me, that the voltage is set to 1.8V, active voltage is 0.7V and that the default voltage is 1.5V. However, when I look at the "Fan & Thermal Monitor" page, it displays 1.39V for the RAM. I have touched my RAM after a successful 2h Memtest86+ and it was just warm to the touch. Also, no errors occured. So, setting your Memory to XMP profile really seems to be a displaying issue. The voltage will show 1.8V, but it will correctly set your RAM to the XMP voltage after applying the settings. So, give it a chance. Manual configuration is still messed up (no configurable memory ratio and voltages are messed up (1.5V will lead to 1.75V and so on)).

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                  I experienced similiar issues as Daniel and emc.


                  I have the DH77DF board with an i3 2120T processor and 8 GB Corsair Vengeance LP White DDR3-1600/1.35V RAM.


                  Memory is detected as 1.5V @ 1333MHz, Desktop Utilities show 1.75V.

                  After setting the voltage to 1.35V in the BIOS the system did not start again until resetting CMOS by taking out the battery for a few minutes.

                  Did not try XMP yet, as the CPU does not support 1600 MHz anyway.


                  A fix to this issue would be much appreciated - it should really be possible to run the memory with 1.35V...



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                    I did some more checks, and confirmed IDU & BIOS fan control page are indeed correct with a multimeter.  I found a workaround that gets me back to the right voltage.


                    David & Tolga - can you try my workaround in the 1st post to see if that gets you to a lower voltage, or if it sticks at 1.5v?

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                      Hi plang,


                      I tried your workaround. Unfortunately, it does not work in my setup. Even after BIOS reset, the memory voltage reads as 1.74V, even in the BIOS reading, while being set automatically to 1.5V in the memory settings.


                      I did some further checks to confirm some other behaviors reported here before (Corsair Vengeance LP 1.35V 8GB 1600 Kit @ Intel Core i3 2120T)

                      1. Setting the Voltage to 1.4V results in a voltage of 1.54V (both BIOS and Intel Desktop Utilities). I left it this way for now.

                      2. Setting the Voltage to 1.45V results in a voltage of 1.64V (both BIOS and Intel Desktop Utilities)

                      3. Selecting XMP as profile display a voltage of 1.8V - I did not apply these settings, because, as mentioned, my CPU only supports 1333MHz, though


                      Intel should really fix this issue, because the default settings of the board will damage CPU and/or RAM over time.

                      The memory ran fine until now, but the computer was just used as server/HTPC with rather light workloads and long idle times. I hope the RAM and CPU will continue to work with 1.4V=1.54V and I won't need an RMA in the future...



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                        Lorenzo Eccola

                        Hi plang,


                        I can confirm all the problems about memory voltage that you have found.

                        I have a DH77DF with 2x4 GB Corsair Vengeance LP White DDR3-1600/1.35V RAM and a I5-3470s processor.

                        I've used the system now for about 1.5 months 24hours a day (I use the system as home server) with the ram set on the XMP profile: the voltage reported in the bios settings is 1.8V, but the system monitor in the bios, the IDU and even by measuring the ram voltage whith a multimeter show ~1.35V, so the real voltage is correct.


                        The problem is that suddenly about 2 days ago I've experienced many bsod and I found with memtestx86 that one of the two ram module is broken (memtest reports a lot of errors). Now I have RMA the ram and I'm waiting for a replacement set. For the moment I use a single dimm of ram (4GB, 1333Mhz, 1.5V) and I've set the memory voltage at 1.4V to get a real 1.54V.

                        Do you think that the corsair memory failure was been caused by the DH77DF even if they were set always at 1.35V with the XMP profile or it's just bad luck?



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                          Probably just bad luck. I got the identical memory (Corsair LP white DDR-1600, 2 x 4GB, 1.35V) over here, also set to XMP profile (shows 1.8V as active, but hardware monitor also reads 1.34V). This setup is about a month old (approx. 12 hours a day) and I haven't experienced any issues so far.

                          • 25. Re: DH77DF misdetects memory XMP profile as 1.8v, may kill CPU
                            Lorenzo Eccola

                            Thank you for reply. I think also that's only bad luck: I cannot otherwise imagine what other than the overvoltage can damage a memory module.


                            Btw I see in one of your previous post (number 18) that you have already RMA'd the Corsair Vengeance LP CL9 1.5V?

                            What kind of problems do you had with these ram and they were used on the DH77DF?

                            • 26. Re: DH77DF misapplies memory voltage settings
                              Daniel Reyna

                              i made a video to explain better but i actually have booted at 1.25volts as my memory stated in its xmp profile, what i basically did is load the bios default settings and after that just go to the memory override menu in performance tab, click and select the XMP profile which normally wont boot ... but ... return it again back to MANUAL without changing any voltages or anything, just leave it like the XMP profile would have but in option manual and go ahead and save changes and exit


                              see if this works


                              ill upload the video later

                              • 27. Re: DH77DF misapplies memory voltage settings

                                Hello everybody,


                                I updated my BIOS to the latest version (KC0100.bio) and apparently the memory problem is solved. In the BIOS the correct values are showed when the XMP Profile is set (In my case the voltage is shown as 1.35 volts of the Corsair Vengeance LPW). The the power consumption of the system is reduced in about 2/3 watts when in idle.


                                The Release notes has two mentions of the RAM problem:


                                • Fix XMP memory voltage issue.
                                • Fix XMP memory voltage improperly.


                                I will test the system in the next days and if i see any problem i will tell you guys.


                                PS1:This new BIOS also update the visual, it is now more alike the Z77 boards.


                                PS2: Sorry for my english. It is not my native language.

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                                  BIOS v0100 didn't solve the issue for me, XMP still does not work


                                  1) Only in visual mode the correct voltage is set


                                  2) Visual mode has different representation of settings rather than non-visual, and some of them are non-compatible (why is that, intel?) with each other

                                  -- from experimentation I've learned that it is better to set Performance settings with the help of visual bios


                                  3) Visual mode has more settings than non-visual ( why????? it is so ugly and hard to read )


                                  There is a pseudo "manual speed-step" for ram (although it tweaks some CPU multiplier), which doesn't allow to run 1600 mhz


                                  I'm very disappointed with intel

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                                    I just installed a BIOS dated 10/29/2012 and it resolved this issue for me.  I have my RAM set to the XMP-1600 profile and the voltage is correct now in both Fan Settings and IDU,without my having to do anything special.

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