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    BIOS 2185, overclocking and video cards


      Back on May 15th, Intel posted an announcement stating that three updates of BIOS were having overclocking issues.


      My BIOS version is not listed there but I do have my overclocking options grayed out.

      My current setup is:



      Dz68ZV mobo

      EVGA's GTX 570hd

      4x4GB Kingston ValueRAM

      Coolermaster GX-650

      More than enough cooling

      BIOS version BGP6710J.86A.2185.2012.0420.0057


      I considered downgrading my BIOS, but I had it updated so it recognized my video card.

      First boot I did of my desktop, it beeped twice and displayed no video, indicating lack of recognition of the video card.


      I used a very old 9500GT, which booted fine, to update the BIOS, which solved the GTX570hd recognition perfectly. Unfortunately, it blocked out my OC options.


      So now, I must choose between OC and my GTX. All the while, Intel fails to recognize there is a problem with that BIOS version.

      Or did I misunderstand the announcement?



      "ANNOUNCEMENT:New BIOS version for DZ68DB - posted June 1

      Check the Release Notes to see what changed.


      Version 0042: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=21365"


      Still no word of an update to the ZV

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          Intel screwed the pooch with the 6 series chipsets.  They updated the BIOS for their boards to support Ivy Bridge but it seems they ruined boards in the process.  So I wouldn't be surprised if the BIOS file did break the overclocking options.  The real kicker here is the lack of communication from Intel about the issues and the lack of quick updates to solve the problems.  You would think that one of the world's largest multinational conglomerates would get off their butts and fix this sooner rather than later.  My worry is the 6 series chipsets are old news now that the 7 series has come to the market.  I guess only time will tell.

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            So what are my options?


            Find some way to downgrade it just enough to get my OC back but not lose my GPU compatibility?

            Is it even possible?


            Could it be that a simple driver update fixes the compatibility issue?

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              I  contacted the Intel supprt yesterday via Live Chat. The answer that I got is that Intel is aware of the Issue, that they are working on BIOS updates, but he couldn't determine when the fixes will be available, he said probably soon. I told him to have a look in the Intel forums and see how much frustration this issue has caused and also how dissappointed the Intel customers are due to lack of responsiveness from Intel's side.  I have a DZ68DB, Overcklocking options are there and adjustable but they just don't work after the latest BIOS update. It's over a month now, that we are waiting, patience is running out, i want to make a CPU upgrade and I don't know what do because of this matter.If I should by a new motherboard too or not. On the other hand the announcement in the forums aboout this matter is the only one which is always there, indicating that the matter is not solved and probably they are working on it. If only they could do this faster.....


              About Z68 Boards, it's not just Intel, but also other Manufacturers that have provided faulty Ivy Bridge BIOS updates for their Board, at least I have read many complaints.

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                One thing that annoys me is that no one else complaining here has a ZV, just DBs or BCs.


                So I either have a singular case of bad luck or there is a simple solution to my particular problem I have not thought of yet.


                Or I am the only moron who bought the ZV...