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    Problems with Intel Centrino 6230. How to turn-off bluetooth?


      Hello everyone!

      I recently bought Intel Centrino 6230 Wi-Fi card, which is popular upgrade for Asus G53/G74 family (I have got Asus G53SW). Everything works perfectly except the thing that I cannot turn-off bluetooth radio. Combination of Fn+F2 turns-off only Wi-Fi radio, and bluetooth is working all the time. I have latest drivers for the card and all updates for Windows 7 Pro SP1 x64. After switching the cards I made full format of the system to make sure that it is working perfectly and there aren't any issues with previous drivers. I can turn-off bluetooth only through device manager but this is not full solution for me. Do you have any ideas how to solve it? I might add that many of fellow G53/G73 users have the same issue after upgrade