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    In a dual boot desktop Win 7 in a HD works fine,but Linux in Intel 520 SSD no, any solution please?



      I have a dual boot desktop.
      1.- Booting from Win 7 running on a HD Western Digital Caviar Black is fine, internet connection works fine and the Operating System do not freeze.


      2.- But when I boot from the Host PCLinuxOS LXDE in an Intel 240GB, Series 520 SSD, this is having a lot of problems to connect to the internet, I have an intermittent and slow connection, and Linux randomly freeze, so I have to reset the desktop and it is the same equipment and connection.


      2.1 I work with Linux since 2003 I have never seen so stable OS like this, this is the first time in 9 years I have seen Linux to go freeze and experience Internet connection problems. I have same LXDE PCLinuxOS version in my laptop that is also a Core i7, but do not have an SSD, and it connects fast to the Internet and never got freeze.


      So I suspect the problem is the SSD, because it is the only thing different I have in my Desktop. Linux do not work fine since I installed the Intel 520 SSD in the Desktop.


      3.- Intel SSD Toolbox in the Win 7 indicates that the SSD is 100% Healthy and it has 100% Life.


      4.- Can somebody help me to find the solution?

            Does these SSD series 520 require special setup in the Linux OS and what it is?


      Thanks a lot for your help.