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    RAID migration - cannot install drivers ahead of time


      I have a computer with a Core2. It has two SSD drives setup in a RAID 0 array with 4k stripes.

      I just bought a new i7 and an Intel mobo with a x79 northbridge.


      I was planning to simply bring my existing RAID array over to the new box.

      Reinstalling and setting up everything would be quite a hassle.


      Normally, I don't think this is much of an issue.

      Normally, you just install the raid drivers for the new machine, then bring the drives over and recreate that same array, right?


      Well, that is where I have a problem.

      Intel's drivers will not install unless it detects the hardware.

      So I cannot install the x79 RAID drivers while the drives are in my old machine - there is no x79 in that machine.

      But when I move the drives to the new machine without the new drivers, Windows will not boot.

      So I cannot install the drivers on the new machine, either.


      Essentially, because I cannot install the drivers in advance (before connecting the hardware), I cannot migrate the RAID array.



      Is there any way to install the RAID drivers before the hardware is detected?