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    Motherboard fault and raid assistant


      Hello all from Greece,

      i have the DP43BF with onboard ICH10R RAID chipset. Two HDD WD 500GB on RAID 1 with two partitions.

      first partition is Windows XP (50GB) and the second partition is DATA (450GB)


      Last Saturday VGA card damaged and got fire. The only broken thing on the motherboard now is the PCI Express (blue) slot an 1 inch melted plastic.


      I put the disks to another motherboard but the only thing i can see is the Windows Partition (50GB) and not the Data partition(450GB). I can it like unallocated space with no partition.


      I imagine that if i find the same motherboard with the same raid chipset or another motherboard with the same raid chipset that the Raid chipset it can see the raid partitions and i'll take the data from the second partition. Am i right?


      The motherboard is quiet old, if i can't find is there any software to search for the second partition and copy them?


      thanks a lot,