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    DX58SO wont boot if cold

    Paul Nugent

      This problem has been evident for a couple of years. The Computer starts in summer OK. As soon as it hits 10C or lower nothing appears on the monitor. The light just blinks. The fans and lights are on - on the motherboard and the hard drive is working. All components have been isolated. The Computer runs an nVidia GTX470 which has been removed for testing Three Ram modules and each has been tried on its own but the problem persists. There was a message on one forum that mentions system ram must be 1.5 volt or lower. It was running at 1.54 but has since been adjusted using the Desktop control center. In the BIOS the first module shows 1.54 and the other two show 1.5. Is there no way to adjust this? Any other reason the board does not like cold weather? The power supply has been replaced with an 850 watt Corsair. A fan heater must be placed in front of the PC for five minutes before it will start but then it can go into sleep mode and wakes from that state perfectly for the rest of the day but if it is in sleep mode or switched off it makes no difference.Thank You in advamnce

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          Sounds like it is probably a fault with the motherboard, bad capacitors or a dry joint would cause something like this.





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            Paul Nugent

            Thanks Phil. About six caps were replaced, the ones closest to the CPU and the entire board has had a scrupulous going over with a soldering iron. The caps didnt look as though they were leaking or bulged. Perhaps  Intel would have a higher level Technician who could advise of a component that could be replaced, maybe an EEprom? This was an expensive board, over $350 from memory so it would be great if it was fixed besides, the less junk that goes to landfill the better. Also is it normal to have two Memory modules at 1.5 and one at 1.54? There doesnt appear to be any way to adjust it in the BIOS. It was still under warranty when the problem began but impatience can cause untold mayhem in ones life.

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              Hey Phil,

              I'm not an expert but I have worked on loads of computers.


              What OS are you running on that DX58SO?  It's not bad to have a memory module that's only 4/100 (1/25) of a volt differrence.  That can't be your problem.  Instead of putting the heat blower into the front fan take the lid off the case and point your heater at various places and see if you can get it to start maybe you can get an idea where the problem is.   DO NOT TOUCH ANY THING With the blower or with you hands unless you ground yourself to the case. Don't mess with the Bios to make any changes unless you need to.


              Did you build this PC? If you did do you remember checking to see if all of the stand off on the back of the board were alligned properly with the holes in the Mobo.  Is the Mobo about 1/4 from the chassis and sitting pretty flat all of the way around.  Look cloaely at the back panel on the inside some MoBo's have spring like metal clips that align the sockets if their bent wrong it could cause a short.. Look at the screws that attach the mobo to the chassis to see if something is touching the solder joints.


              Get the PC running then check the things below on the OS.


              You may have ruled this out before, but If your using Windows 7 OS open up the Action Center and see if there is an issue shown there.  Look at you Device Manager and see if there are any problems make sure to open up the the entire tree by clicking the arrows on the left side.  Try looking at the event viewer and see of you get errors there.  Make note on every thing you find.


              My gutt feeling is your just having a hard time waking your PC Up.  There are some wake up items in the System Bios that you should write down how they are set too. Think about how and what your doing to get the PC to run and keep some good notes and keep track of them or post every thing on this site. Do not make any changes to your PC unless you post them here.

              Good Luck  Papagym  

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                Paul Nugent

                Hi Pagagym, I'm Paul not Phil, Phil was the first person to reply to my post. Thanks for the tips and I know you are only trying to help but the reason I posted in the Intel forums is because I thought an Intel Technician would reply. I'm a PC tech with twelve years running my own business so yes I know about Event manager but this is a pre-windows problem. I turn My PC off at night so its not an issue with a driver or software otherwise the screen would go on then switch off after the windows loading screen, (I've seen that problem quite often). Its not a traditional Tower case but an enclosure - Antec Sonata -I've had the board off twice and back on and tried with and without red plastic washers. Obviously it is a fault with the motherboard but I was hoping to find which component I could replace that might be involved in initialising the video adaptor bus. I appreciate your help anyway. Thanks

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                  Hi Paul,

                  Sorry I got your name mixed up with Phil's, and yes I thought I could help you.  I'll be 74 next month and us old geasers just make those kind of errors.  I''ve been working on Computers since the days of the old vacuum tube, but my knowledge is limited  I built one of Intel's Extreme machines early this year DZ69BC and it's working fine.  But I have Corsair memory and my BIOS is being reported as 1333 MHz and when It's actually 1600MHz. This memory has XMP built into it but I can't get the Bios to recognize it.  If my memory serves me right, the DX58SO is one of the Extreme series that I looked to build but the mobo was out of my price range. I looked at that Antec Case it is pretty big. How old is that Mobo your working on? Does it go through POST when you turn it on?  I'll think about it some more...Two minds are greater than one.

                  Good Luck to you Paul.


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                    Paul Nugent

                    Thanks Papagym, I have Corsair RAM as well its being reported as 1080 Mhz I cant remeber what its meant to be. The board is a couple of years old now, It had the post beep error for no Video adaptor but after I mucked around thats gone. Now I get nothing although for the last few mornings it has started OK since I dropped the Mem voltage down that little bit from 1.54 to 1.5 (except for the one that wont go down) Like you I would have thought that small of an adjustment would make no difference. I'll try again tomorrow aas I think its going to be cold!

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                      Hi Paul.

                      Remember that the P/N for your Ram is probably stamped on the side of the stick if you care to pull one out. You can also go on the Corsair web site and get help from their engineers. They may be able to give you some info on your voltage problem.  It would be interesting to see if your Ram uses a XMP Profile too.  I just sent in a ticket on an event error ID 56 problem that I have and I mentioned the Ram problem there too.  Maybe I'll get something back on that if I do I'll let you know.

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                        Paul Nugent

                        I still have the original box its XMS3 3 x 2 GB p/n CMX6GX3M3A1600C9 so I'm assuming its 1600 mHz but running at 1080 My PC didnt start again this morning, I thought I would risk it without putting the heater on but as it was a clear sky it was a very cold morning (probably 4 Celcius) Never heard of XMP profile but on the box it says for support go to www.asktheramguy.com I set it all back to default but its still the same in the BIOS 1.54 - 1.5 - 1.5