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    Intel i5-2500k +95°C, Computer Shutting Down


      Hi, I'm looking for some help for my i5-2500k. I've had the computer for approximately two months now, and hadn't run into any problems with it before. Recently, my computer has been having high and unstable CPU temperatures, sudden shutdowns due to such, static emitting from my headphones, the third of my cores running  at ~100% constant during games (not sure if that means anything though), and some sensitivity on my CPU usage. Recently, my games have been burning up 100% of my total CPU, applications have been using up quite a bit too, and moving my mouse around my desktop would use up ~25 CPU. I've reapplied a thermal compound on my CPU and its cooler (Corsair H60), cleaned the cooler's radiator with compressed air, and updated my BIOS. I'd like to know any approaches that would help to fix my CPU.


      My CPU temperature that I got through AIDA64 while I was typing this.


      The Specs for my computer are:

      GPU: 1x Nvidia GTX 560 TI Twin Frozr

      CPU: Intel i5-2500k

      PSU: Corsair AX850

      Mobo: Gigabyte ga-z68x-ud4-b3

      Ram: 2x 4GB Corsair Vengance

      Heatsink: Corsair H60

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          If the BIOS supports reporting temperatures then enter the BIOS screen and see what the temperatures reach in there, if they are normal then it indicates a problem with your operating system rather than a hardware issue.  If they are high here also, check your other BIOS screens for voltages, usually the BIOS will warn of voltages outside the desired range.  A high voltage would cause excessive heat.  If you have been tweaking to over-clock or perhaps might have inadvertently adjusted the BIOS voltages or other settings I'd reset it to defaults.


          If the processor considers itself too hot, it will throttle it's speed down, which means it will work with a higher utilisation, i.e. games will make the OS report 100% CPU usage more easily, so the 100% usage may be a symptom of a problem rather than the cause.





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            Thank, I actually tried a new heatsink and my temperature now works at a cool ~40 Celcius