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    HD 3000 - no HDMI output?

    Radoslav Daskalov

      Hi, everyone

      I want to apologize but english is not my primary language, and may be I make a lot of mistakes.

      Recently I bought Z77 Asrock Extreme 4 board and Intel 2500k processor.

      I have two monitors - LG Flatron and LCD TV Sony Bravia. When they are connected trough HDM port there is no picture, no matter if I connect only TV or monitor or both. There is NO picture, signal or etc. When I connect monitor or TV through D-Sub I have a picture. But only through D-SUB. HDMI port don't works.

      First I thought this may be a issue with the motherboard, and I updated all bios from the first to the last one. I used the latest drivers downloaded from Intel web site.

      I'm  using two different cables, they work with my other PC without any problems.

      There comes the unusual part. I GOT PICTURE through HDMI on BOOT SCREENS and in wndows SAFE MODE, but nothing more when windows starts normaly. That means only one - DRIVER ISSUE.

      Whatever I do, plug, unplug cables, there is only one display - through D-Sub, another one is not detected.

      I want to use both montiors but I can't because of these issues.

      Here are some pictures on 2 working monitors (one throgh D-SUB, another through HDMI) in SAFE MODE.


      Please if anyone have some ideas what else I can try to run 2 monitors.

      Is there some other way to force display detection?

      Thanks in advance!