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    Intel Desktop Board DZ77BH-55K front-panel USB doesn't work properly on both boards purchased


      Recently a friend and I both purchased one of these boards, only to discover that we had a problem in common.  We have different computer cases, but the front-panel USB 3.0 ports don't work at all when connected to the front panel header on the motherboard.  It does power devices plugged in, but nothing plugged in shows up in Windows 7 x64 or shows any indication of being detected. Additionally, the front-panel USB 2.0 ports exhibit problems [Edit: fixed].  They seem to work properly with some devices, but not others.  For example: an XBox 360 controller works fine, but no USB storage devices that we've tried (thumb drivers, external hard drives, etc.) will mount their storage volumes within Windows.


      Everything works fine when connected to the USB ports on the rear panel.


      Windows is up to date, the BIOS is up to date and all USB ports are enabled within the BIOS settings.  All latest drivers installed from Intel's download page for this board.  No bangs or missing drivers in Windows Device Manager.


      Anyone else with this board experiencing similar problems?  Does anyone actually have the front panel USB 3.0 headers working properly for them?

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