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    DX58SO board with BIOS > 4598 and dual monitors hangs at boot with code E7


      I upgraded to the May 2011 BIOS (5561) and suddenly the computers halts in POST with code E7. The only way to bypass this was to hit F10, select your boot drive and then it would continue booting to Windows.


      After wasting many hours reinstalling windows and disconnecting everything, I read this post http://communities.intel.com/thread/23910 which made me unplug my second monitor. Presto, the computer boots normally.


      I have downgraded the BIOS one by one, installing older ones every time until version 4598. That works normally, i.e. you can boot with two monitors connected. Proves the old adage, "if it works, don't fix it".... So versions 5020 and upwards do not work booting with two monitors connected.


      My videocard is a Sapphire Ultimate HD 4670.


      As this has been reported before, one wonders why Intel isn't fixing it (must be simple,as bypassing with F10 works) or at least puts a warning on the BIOS Update pages.