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    DZ77GA-70K PS2 Port inoperable




      Cannot get my PS2 keyboard port to function.  It is enabled in BIOS.  Is there anything I need to do to get this to function?




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          Are you connecting via a USB to PS2 adapter?


          Providing it is enabled in the BIOS it should work.  Can you use it to get into the BIOS, so proving the keyboard/motherboard are happy with one another, so we can then suspect a driver problem in your OS?


          What keyboard is it?  Have you confirmed the keyboard is working on another machine?


          The keyboard port on these boards are either mouse or keyboard, so I'm guessing they try and detect which you have connected, it wouldn't surprise me if there is some opportunity for compatibility problems here.  Your keyboard make and model may allow Intel to pick up on this and test.





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            Hi Phil,


            Thanks for the reply.  Keyboard is a Rosewill RK-9000.  It ships with both a USB cable and a separate PS2 cable.  I am using the PS2 cable and not an adapter.  I cannot access BIOS with the PS2 cable,  I can with a USB cable.  I don't have access to another computer with a PS2 connection but it does work with USB on other machines.


            Any other info you need let me know and thanks for the help.



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              It could be a faulty keyboard/cable for the PS2, a compatibility problem, or a faulty PS2 socket on the motherboard.


              In these circumstances it is a case of ruling as much out as you can, I know not always easy without the hardware to swap out, the joys of computing.


              It would be good if you could somehow try the PS2 keyboard somewhere else, so we knew that worked, that would then put the problem down to an incompatibility (or fault) with the motherboard.


              I think this is a case of raising a support issue with Intel directly to see if they can do some internal testing and validation with the same keyboard.


              Best Regards



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                I had similar problem today but i forgot to turn on PS2 in bios. Now it is working.


                Maybe you solved your issue but if you have not i have some suggestions.


                Since you wrote that you had turned on PS2 in bios.


                • Check if Windows recognizes PS2 port but reports that it is not working properly.
                • Go to bios, disable PS2 port and enable again.
                • Else it might be a hardware problem on the motherboard or the keyboard.
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                  I have the same issue with the same keyboard and same motherboard. The rk-9000 won't work at all when connected via ps/2. It works fine on other machines with ps/2. And other ps/2 keyboards work fine on this dz77sl-50k mobo. The rk-9000 works via USB but only once in windows. I've checked and double checked all the legacy USB settings and the ps/2 is enabled. Also I've pulled the battery on mobo and reset all settings to defaults but still no go.


                  IVe noticed some very odd bugs with the latest bios. Settings are ignored. Reset by themselves. Strange stuff. Sounds like they need to issue a bios update to sort it out. Please help intel. I love this board for its speed and features. But these bugs are very basic and annoying.