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    LAN wakes up computer, no matter what I do




      I'm having an issue where I can't stop the LAN from waking up the computer. I've tried everything I could find. This problem is happening on an Intel DP43TF board with Windows 7, and it happened before when using Vista on this board and when using a DG45ID board. It didn't happen with an Asus board, so I'm pretty sure that the problem is with the Intel boards somehow.


      It happens every time if I leave the LAN cable connected (the computer wakes up after a few/several minutes, seems to vary), and never if I disconnect it, so it's definitely the LAN waking up the computer, not the mouse or anything else (although every other device has been prevented from waking the computer as well).


      As far as I can tell, I've set all settings to their "do not wake up" values. In the BIOS (particularly the wake-on-LAN option to "Power off"), in Windows, in the network adapter properties, you name it. I've run "powercfg -lastwake" to see which device woke up the computer, and "powercfg -devicequery wake_armed" too see which device can wake up the computer, and both report none. I've also turned off the wake timers and allowed the computer to sleep when sharing media, just in case.


      I have up-to-date BIOS and chipset and network adapter drivers. This is the integrated network adapter.


      I don't know what else to try, and I'm sick of having to unplug the network cable every time I want to put the computer to sleep, and sometimes forgetting and coming back hours later to a powered-up computer. I know it's not a problem with this particular board, because the same thing happened with the DG45ID.


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks in advance.



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          Congratulations on covering seemingly all the bases. You should have been able to solve it with one of those things, but somehow that's not the case. Bonus points for the uber-obscure wake timer, which is what Windows uses to wake itself for scheduled events.


          Your problem is a little different than normal though due to how frequently it's waking up and the commands you ran coming back with no information. It's as if there's a rogue WoL presence on the network somewhere, which might make sense if WoL was enabled.


          I don't have an Intel NIC in front of me right now, but did you catch the settings in the properties of the NIC on both the Power Management tab and the other place (Advanced tab?).

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            Hello, and thank you for taking the time to reply.


            I've checked any setting that seemed remotely relevant.


            In the BIOS:

            "After power failure" is set to "Stay off"

            "Wake on LAN from S5" ...  "Stay off"

            "ACPI suspend state" ... "S3 state"

            "Wake system from S5" ... "Disable"

            "Wake on PS/2 keyboard from S5" ... "Stay off"


            In the NIC (Intel 82567V-2 Gigabit Network Connection) properties, in the Power Management tab:

            "Reduce power if cable is disconnected" is checked.

            "Reduce link speed during system idle" is unchecked.

            In the "Wake on LAN" subsection, "Wake on Directed Packet", "Wake on Magic Packet", "Wake on Magic Packet from power off state" and "Wake on Link" are all unchecked.


            In the Advanced tab, I can't find anything related to power options, sleep/wake, or anything that would seem related.


            I'm surprised that this isn't a common problem. As I said, it happened with both Intel boards that I've owned, with default settings, with Windows Vista and Windows 7, and with rather common applications installed.


            Any ideas are welcome . Thanks again!



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              Baffling.  Disabling the NIC in Device Manager also stops the issue, right (it most certainly should, since you said unplugging it does, but this problem shouldn't be happening in the first place so I don't think anything can be assumed)?


              I noticed this little nugget in the release notes for the quite recent v17.1, but since you said Advanced doesn't have anything related, YMMV. Perhaps you want to uninstall what you have and try a "driver only" install just so you can see these settings and see if they make a difference. Perhaps the (optional) PROSet bits are running interference somehow.


              System Wakes Unexpectedly


              On a driver only install, if you uncheck the "Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby" option on the Power Management tab, the adapter will still wake the system from Standby or Hibernate. The "Wake on Settings" option on the Advanced tab must also be set to Disabled.

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                This is indeed baffling. FYI, I have a bunch of Intel mobos running here, the oldest being a DG45ID. I NEVER had this particular issue, even not with the newest, a DZ68DB (which has otherwise set an all time low in terms of BIOS bugs). One of the main reasons I use Intel is in fact the NIC (and the CIR, for HTPCs).


                As rseiler already mentioned, it looks like a rogue WOL. What other things are in your network? Some routers send Wols, some switches do funny things...

                I once found that my son's PC was broadcasting funny things on the network...(some gaming thing)

                Are there any servers in your network?

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                  OK, this is weird and a little embarrassing. Yesterday I uninstalled "Intel Network Connections", so that it is now using the NIC driver that came with Windows 7. I unchecked "Allow this device to wake up the computer", and left it sleeping (and connected) overnight. It was still off when I came back this morning.


                  I'm certain that I had tried this before. It was probably the first thing I tried, and most likely I would have never installed Intel's NIC driver if the bundled Windows driver was working fine. Maybe it was combination of changing the settings with both Intel's driver and Windows driver, since they have different options?


                  I've seen it go for hours before waking up before, so the fact that it didn't wake up last night is not definitive, but it looks promising.


                  I'll let you know if there are any news. I hope I can replicate this the next time I need to re-install Windows.


                  Thank you both for your answers!



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                    Have you scanned you computer for any  Maleware , you may have a virous waking your computer and sending your Info to some Bad People ,  Maleware Pro, good soft ware , about $25.00 ,  you can be surfing the web and get a pop-up that tells you it just blocked something , it realy works.

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                      Yes, I do have an antivirus, the one that got installed as an upgrade to Windows 7 (Microsoft Security Essentials). Besides, the problem has (or had?) persisted over different versions of Windows (with clean installs, not upgrades), and on two different boards.


                      Anyway, I'll keep it under watch to see if it wakes up by itself over the next couple of days. If it doesn't, I'll consider the matter solved. I'll let you know. Thank you all



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                        Windows Security will not stop Maleware , Niether will Norton 360.6 ,  If someone is serious about getting your INFO , Maleware Pro is one of the only programs that realy works , As much as I stay on top of my security , I got my email hacked about a month ago , and it cost me $100. To have Microsoft support fix it and it took them one hour to fix the problem . BAD BUG

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                          Are you selling this "Maleware" thing or what? Can females use it too?

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                            NO I am Not saleing anything , I was trying to help , and I am affended that you would assume that , I know it's worked for me , If you do not want help why are you on this fourm ?

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                              If this has happened on two boards with two , ( so called clean installs ) than you either have a BUG on the HD you are using that does not get by formatting , or you did not do a clean erase of the drive , or the problem is in your router.

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                                Sorry, I fail to see how a bug in the HD could cause malware to "survive" a disk repartitioning and formatting, and a clean installation of Windows, or how a faulty router could force-wake a computer that has been expressly set up to not wake up on LAN activity. At most, it would be a NIC/Windows security bug which allowed the router to do it.

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                                  I would check your network router and the time out values on the network address that is being handed out. You can check this by opening a command window and typing ipconfig /all and pressing Enter.  In that list will be a "Lease expires" value.  If this isn't very long time away, for example your lease is only valid for the next ten minutes or so, then your PC might be waking up often to re-new that IP address.


                                  Typically this lease should be many days or weeks.  The lease time might not be under your control if your IP address for your local machine is coming from your Internet service provider, but typically it is an internal IP address handed out by your own router, values like 192.168 and 10.x are internal IP addresses, and if it appears it is a very short lease time you will need to change your router settings.


                                  This renewing of an IP address would also explain why it is happening even with a change of motherboard.


                                  Hope that helps.





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                                    I have software that I use to wip A  HD  Clean , this software is MIL-Spec approved I am not going to tell you it's Name because you may think I am tring to sale something again , But seriousley  there are Bugs out there that do suvive a formating. I use this on std HDs and SSDs , It works , so unless you have done this , try a different HD to rule out the BUG . than look at the router . I did not start doing this yesterday .

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