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    Intel RST v11.1.0.1006 driver?


      I have always used the Intel Download Center to get the Intel RST software/driver.  We are putting some new HP computer models on contract soon and they have a newer SATA controller in them that the current driver does not support.


      I see that HP has a driver available but we have always used the driver from Intel instead of the vendor for the SATA controller.  I can't seem to find the newer Intel RST driver from the Intel Download Center though.


      If I go to the Download Center and select - "Chipsets" - "Chipset Software" - "Intel Rapid Storage Technology", all you get is the older v10.8.0.1003 driver.  Is the newer v11.1.0.1006 driver going to be put on the Download Center?  Or is there some other 'official' download page from Intel that I should be using instead of the Download Center?


      Thank you.