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      I get an error when I try to download this file:


      File name: GFX_Win7_64_8.15.10.2696.exe


      Date: 05/16/2012

      Status: Latest

      Size: 151.12 MB

      Language: Multi language

      Operating Systems: Windows 7 (64-bit)*


      The error says:



      The file you are trying to download has either been moved, renamed or archived

      Please go to http://downloadcenter.intel.com and chose your product to find your download.


      Can someone at Intel fix this?



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          Oh ...


          It looks like the download center is giving incorrect file names when you search for a driver.  The file name it gave me:




          Is an old out of date file that probably doesn't exist at the web site.


          Could someone at Intel fix that problem?


          DZ77GA-70K graphics driver file was what I searched for.



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            I searched for the latest graphics driver for i7 CPUs (Windows 7 64-bit).  It returns an old driver file name.


            I think this is the current driver for Windows 7 64-bit - but, I can't find it at Intel's web site:


            Production Version Releases 


              Microsoft Windows* 7 64

              Microsoft Windows* Embedded Standard 7-64(1)

              Microsoft Windows* Server 2008 R2-64(1)

            (1)These operating systems supported for embedded designs and usage

              models only.


              Driver Revision:


              March 30, 2012



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              Revision 2712 was withdrawn due to the setup not installing QuickSync components correctly, see here for info No QuickSync with i7 3770 / DZ77BH-55K motherboard.


              I guess in their haste at withdrawing the drivers some links become broken





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                Thanks for the info.


                I put in a problem report to Intel.  I wonder if I'll get anything official on this.


                As you can see above, I'm running GFX_Win7_64_8.15.10.2712_PV and Intel says I'm using the latest driver.


                Which driver are you using?  What does the Intel driver check website say about your version?

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                  I'm using 2712, no problem with them that I have found except that QuickSync wasn't working (this is an Ivy Bridge new build), so after several hours of troubleshooting and frustration I found the 2712 installer was looking at the wrong path for the QuickSync components so not installing them!  Presumably anyone upgrading the video drivers would have QuickSync working based on previous correct installers, albeit perhaps with outdated QuickSync drivers.





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                    Yes... I had to go back to 2712.  The "current" video driver (which is an older version) is unusable for some applications.  I feel sorry for Intel customers who can't find a copy of 2712.

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                      the v8.15.10.2712 intel hd graphics drivers seem to be available recently to computer/motherboard manufacturers such as ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.  do some google searches on the intel drivers and you'll find them elsewhere instead of from the Intel download center.


                      btw, the download link to the GFX_Win7_64_8.15.10.2696.exe file should be working now.