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    How do I setup DZ68BC bios for Corsair Memory Sticks


      Hi to all,

      My DZ68BC is working fine but I installed 4 sticks (total 16 Gb) of Corsair Vengeance Memory Kit  P/N CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B,

      It went throught POST on the first try.  Memory tests have been great (no problems) but I have orher issues not shown here.


      The  speed of this memory is 1600MHZ but the System Bios shows it to be only 1333 MHz.  Corsair says that this memory has a built in XMP Profile that should be automatically detected to make it work. But I need to make changes to the System Bios in order to make it the right speed (1600 MHz).


      How do I setup the XMP Profile in Bios to make this the correct speed on both banks or dO I Need too?  The voltage shown in System Bios is 1.5V do I need to change this or any other parameters?

      Why is this not an automatic detectable process so a end user does not need to modify System Bios?


      Thanks for the help!


      PS  I'm using Bios Version XXXXXXX 0028