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    Intel Core i7 CPUs - HD Graphics - HDMI


      I just built a PC using an Intel DZ77GA-70K desktop board and an Intel Core i7-3770K CPU.


      I have no experience with Intel HD Graphics or any PC with HDMI video output.


      I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster P2770 monitor.  It is important to set the "PC\AV mode" on the monitor to PC (not AV).


      Does anyone know why this is necessary?


      Why is there a difference?  You can go to Wikipedia and look up HDMI and there is no mention of this issue.  By Googling this issue, I know indivduals are confused about it, but apparently an explanation is very hard to find.




      BTW... The Samsung SyncMaster P2770 monitor assumes the PC\AV mode is AV if the HDMI port is used, but it can't Auto-detect the HDMI Source if a PC is attached to it... so... it's complicated.