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    I need a help for MOBO intel DZ68BC and SSD 510 series - Thank you


      Please, I really need a help.

      I just built a new computer and it works. I have not installed the operating system, which will be pro windows 7 64 bit

      But I never built a PC with SSD before.

      So... I have two simple questions
      I bought an intel SSD 510 series (Marvell Controller) and want to install windows 7 PRO in it.

      And I am not sure about the conections. ( I know its a shame but it's my 1st PC with SSD) and my first motherboard with SATA 6.0

      I have the motherboard DZ68BC. What port should I connect the SSD? in the SATA port number ZERO 6.0 (dark blue?)? And the DVD reader? I plug it in Port ZERO sata 3.0? (Or in a port?)
      I am so confused? Thank you so much. I really do not know the correct way to do it.

      OR I need to conect the SSD in SATA 3.0 port ZERO and the Plextor DVD in SAta 3.0 port 1?  OR the inverse?

      I am very confused. when I turn on the computer appear a message the check the cable driver conection.

      Please, help me.

      Thank you in advance,


      PS: I have a video card. I need to desable the video onboard?

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          IMHO you should connect your SDD to the SATA 6.0 Gb/s connector that is attached to the PCH (blue connector T on figure 15 of the Intel Desktop Board DZ68BC Technical Product Specification pdf). Connecting your SSD 510 to a SATA 3.0 GB/s will limit the throughput severly (see also: Intel® Solid-State Drive 510 Series – Performance Amplified).

          It doesn't matter very much if you connect your DVD to a 3.0 Gb/s or a 6.0. On my setup I have even disabled the SATA ports that are connected to the Marvell controller on the motherboard.

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            Hello , you helped me a lot. Thank you for all information. I really appreciated your suport.


            I decided install the windows 7 PRO even not accessing the BIOS.  I think everything was successful. The system looks very stable.


            Only nowI read some information that I would forced to enter into the BIOS using the back panel buttom. Now it's too late.


            Well, After installing the windows I could finally get into the bios using F2 and everything looks alright.

            The system recognized the SSD as 6G and the DVD driver PLEXTOR in 1.5 G .

            In bios, I setted the sata 6g to AHCI mode.

            THe BIOS Also recognized 16 gigas of Kingston HyperX and videocard.

            I think it's ok, not sure about it.


            Now only left to do::


            To set "integrated Graphics Device" to "Always Disable"

            Install MOBO drives and the video card drives.


            Now a few questions:


            I don't want a lot of thing in my computer, I want only the necessary. So, which drives of the MOBO from the CD I need to install for windows 64 bits?


            I have installed the windows on the SSD 510 series 120 gigas with no partition, it´s ok for that since I will use 2 other HHDs for files?

            Or I need to reinstall the windows?


            Where I find the TRIM command to enable it for the ssd as recommended?


            Should I use the catalist from the CD since my videocard is a new model or I should upload it from AMD web page?


            Oh, other thing, since I will use the AMD video card, is necessary install the video drives of the video onboard?


            I know I asking a lot of things, but the last computer I built was in 2007

            Thank you

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              For most devices Windows 7 has already built in support that works fine. Running Windows Update will tell you if there are additional updates available for your system.

              I would recommend after running windows update to use the Intel® Driver Update Utility and the support page of the DZ68BC to see if there are any new drivers available for your system.

              Windows 7 will use trim automatically when the SDD supports it.


              For your AMD video card using the latest driver from the AMD online site makes more sense then the provided CD. AMD updates it drivers often to tune/fix issues with the latest video games.