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    Compatibility with Intel Quad Core Q6600 or Q6700

    John Cyrille Adams-Ong

      I have this MSI mainboard with Intel 945GC chipset and I was wondering if Intel Quad Core Q6600 or Q6700 will work on it. The thing is, I've been to MSI forums and they quoted you guys (Intel) for its compatibility and your website (Intel) didn't mentioned anything about overclocking on this chipset (unless otherwise you've read the datasheet). They've (MSI) also tested several processors here as stated below:



      If I will use Q6600 or Q6700 on my mainboard, will it work? These two (Q6600 and Q6700) runs on 1066 MHz FSB and Intel chipset runs also runs on 1066 MHz FSB (if MSI mainboard is flashed to this BIOS version[15.2]) which is here:



      There is no detailed information on whether the combination will work. It's just vague and I need a light on this situation because I've been planning to purchase this coming end of July. I've also personally asked the local IT guy here in our town on the mall about this and said that there could be a chance based on my information although none of them has ever tried it before.


      Please help and thanks.

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          We cannot confirm compatibility from a 3rd party motherboard.


          Only the motherboards manufacturer should be able to provide a list of the compatible processors. Based on the information provided, the CPUs are not listed as a compatible unit. Therefore we will not recommend to install these processors.


          Regarding overclocking, Intel(R) has not tested, and does not provide any guidance. Intel(R) assumes no responsibility of the operation of the processor beyond its specifications.

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            The Native FSB of the Q6600 or thr Q6700 , is 1066 Mhz , the Native FSB of your board is 800 FSB , So the only way these CPU can work is you would have to overclock the FSB on the board all though possible Not recomended , you will run into Heat Issues , I other words you will find it hard to keep the CPU at a good operating temp., My best recomandation is to get a better board if you want to run those CPU's . All of the products are talking about at EOL. No longer supported .