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    Problems with Intel DZ68DB motherboard


      The DZ68DB motherboard died today.  My wife was using it today when the network connection was lost.  A couple of dialogs popped up.  She tried to shut down the running application and then it blue screened.  Windows would not fully start.  So she waited for me to come home.


      The recovery manager started (I did not attempt to recover).  I have beeen trying to run MemTest86+ (via CD) but the system reboots less than a second before the application starts.


      BIOS comes up fine and everything looks as it should.  I've tested a few of the power supply lines with a DVM and they look OK.


      I've pulled all four banks of RAM and have attempted to isolate this to a RAM stick issue without any luck.


      I have nothing in the PCI slots and all SATA drives (except for the DVD) have been removed.


      I don't have spares...


      What is your best guess on the failure: RAM, CPU, Motherboard, or Power Supply?

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          I downloaded the latest version of MemTest86 and am able to run it from the CD.  Looks like I have a stuck bit on a memory card.  Please provide recommendations on a memory product that lasts for more than eight months.  The motherboard is paired with a i7-2600K CPU.

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            FYI, I'm using some stock Kingston ValueRam 1333 DDR3 (4x4GB), (no overclocking) and as of now  I have passed memtest86 twice, once in Jan, when I got the board, and once a week ago, where I did the same test on a replacement board for the bricked first board (which I unfortunately damaged in the RMA process). I remember trying G.Skill and Geil 8GB modules back in Jan, but they didn't work.

            Kingston and Transcend always worked in all my systems (again, always standard no overclocking, no no over/undervolting, always 1.5V)


            TBH, I'm looking at this board only out of curiosity and since we're making a fun out of betting if/when Intel is actually capable of doing boards/BIOSes I will probably give it away to someone I don't really like :-).


            For my main desktop I have already got a new ASUS board and am building that one up now. Maybe they're better, who knows. OTOH chances are that the chipset itself is unfinished and will never be finished, since no one cares anymore.

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              Another DZ68DB BIOS 035 weirdness:

              As stated before, the default memry voltage for my RAM is 1.5V, but is reported in tools as 1.58V. If I set the voltage manually to 1.5V in BIOS -performance, then all tools also report 1.507V. So that is how I kept it. Ran memtetst86+ extensively with this setting, all OK:


              Now plugged in a USB device (a USB Headphone, and/or webcam) - and lo the board fails to boot, complaining about bad performance settings.

              It only boots if I remove the manually added memory voltage of 1.5V to the default (which is also 1.5V, but reads as 1.58V in tools).


              Now there may be something that makes the BIOS think that this RAM config should run at 1.58V. But Why does it complain when I attach USB devices????? Is the USB enumerator overwrting the CMOS in places where performance settings are stored???


              As I said, this BIOS has issues with USB enumerations


              Can'T use BIOS 040  will probably brick the second board. So Intel please fix your BIOSes!