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    Do I really need to purchase a 3rd party external root CA certificates for RCFG and TLS?


      Hi vPro Experts,


      I would like to start by thanking you guys for the great work and the tremendous support that you guys have been rendering to the people across the world. We all know that vPro in itself is a new technology and there are many people who seek help every other moment just like I have found myself in need of your help yet again:

      Anyway, coming to the question, I was just wondering the authenticity of the document located at http://hosted.comm100.com/KnowledgeBase/Article.aspx?siteId=128016&id=78 . It seems like an extract from SDK dcoumentation. As far the above link is concerned, it states that one doesnt need a external root CA certificate for either remote management or for TLS. Is this true? Coz that excatly what I want to do (not purchase the external root CA certificate from the SSL vendors). Is it OK to follow the above document to generate, modify, use and then insert the cert hash into the vpro MeBX firmware for the purpose of remote provisioning and TLS communication?

      Will it work?

      Please confirm.


      Thanks in advance