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    Question about how to turn off cores on the SCC completely


      Dear all,


      I would like to do some power consumption measurements. For that I would like to turn off some of the power-islands completely, so that the voltage and the frequencies of these islands are both 0. I know, that I can't do it with RCCE, because RCCE only offers a limited range of frequencies respectivly voltages.

      Also if I turn off the tiles/cores like described in some other theards here in this forum, there wasn't any Information about how to turn of the voltage of the corresponding island. If i only turn off the tiles/cores, the voltage won't getting down.


      So I think, I have to do it with direct register calls. Is there something I have to take into account? For example in which order I have to decrease the frequency and voltage? etc. Or isn't it possible to decrease the voltage of an island to 0?


      It would be very nice, if someone can help me.





      P.S.: The Question isn't really answered till now (10.07.2012)