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    DZ68DB and 0040 bios update failed?


      Hi, I have had the DZ68DB and enjoyed a stable system for about half a year. Then I installed some bios update (probably 0035) through Intel Integrator in Windows and started experiencing reboots once in a while, in the end daily. So I decided to try bios 0040 update and now the system powers on, but nothing is coming up on my monitor, not even with the bios jumper in configuration mode. I have tried both DVI and HDMI port. After reading this forum I found that there had been issues with the newest bios versions and that Flash Update Sleep Delay option should be enabled, which I think was enabled, but I can´t check since I can´t get into bios. I also read that DZ68DB has a issue with monitor giving power to the motherboard even, if power switch was off and cable unplugged.


      My questions are:


      1) Any advice how to try enable Flash Update Sleep Delay without the monitor?

      2) Should I try to re-flash the bios in recovery mode?

      3) How to identify if something is fried?

      4) If my mobo is dead, how can I RMA this is Finland?


      Thanks in advance, this is pretty awful!

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          Just wanted to update this post. I got a new DZ68DB motherboard through warranty, the shop I got it from tested it and said the motherboard was dead. So, before installing windows I tried to update to 0042 (the mb had 0040) through F7 and thumbdrive procedure, but the update failed AGAIN! Something really wrong with this motherboards bios update mechanism. I had flash delay on and did everything according to instructions, but the system shutdown in the middle of the bios update. Took it to the shop again

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            This problem is occurred on my Intel DZ68DB. I had RMA and got the replace motherboard. I'd updated via "F7" again still failed again. Then RMA again try 3rd Intel DZ68DB, it's still failed.