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    DX79SI maybe wrong voltage on memory slots


      I have a Intel DX79Si with the latest Bios (494). All memory slots are populated with 4 GB RAM dimms. For stability i

      decided to rise the standard voltage from 1,65 Volts to 1,6625 Volts with Bios configuration utility for all channels and proved

      it with success. That seems to work, and the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility shows 1,6625 Volts but doesn´t distinguish between channels.

      But looking at the memory voltage values in Bios (not the configuration page), they are unequal, one Channel

      is shown at 1,65 Volts the other at 1,6625 Volts, although there are 4 channels.


      There must be a error in the Bios to display wrong values or the channels are not set to the same voltage.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!

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          The regular operating voltage for memory should be 1.5V.


          Also, there is no technical support available from Intel, or through our product support processes, for overclocking. Such procedure will shorten the life of your product, void the warranty of your processor, your motherboard, and possibly other devices installed in the computer.

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            Thank you for that answer.


            Im using Intel products for more then 25 years. As usually, the social media support for products is nearly useless. Instead of commenting the misleading/wrong voltage displays in the BIOS configurations of your DX79SI, (maybe have a look at your products) Intel scares customers for using the products.


            The Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX clearly requests a voltage of 1,65 Volts at DDR3-1600 MHz in the memory module specification, so this is no overclocking, anything runs inside specifications. Rising the voltage to 1,6625 Volts is just the attempt to make this board stable. As the BIOS unequally displays the voltage for the 4 channels and 8 slots, there maybe an error in BIOS. This issue clearly doesn´t mean anything "overclocked" devices or parts, just a plain error on the boards firmware/bios. Additionally this may lead to memory instability and freezing errors. To muddy the waters further... there is the reasonable suspicion, that the 8 memory slots are not provided with the same/configured voltages, even if the bios configuration states it and because there are different screens which displays different voltage values, which may lead to misleading assumptions.


            Any more comments of "warranty loose" for processor or other devices available? If yes... i will return the board to the dealer and go for another product, because you are so undoubtful with your products.


            Thank you.