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    DX79SI doesn´t recognize hotpluged SATA Drive


      I have a DX79SI with the latest BIOS (Vers 494).  When i hotplug a SATA Drive to one of the SATA connectors, Windows 7 /64 does not recognize it

      as hotplug drive. Even on searching for new devices in device manager, there is no success. I need to reboot Windows to make it visible, after that i can hotswap it out with no problems, but not hotplug it again. I have a known good SATA Hotplug tray solution which works on other boards. There are some hints that it is possible to configure this Hotplug/Hotswap in BIOS; but DX79SI Bios does not have such an option. I also played around with various device drivers ( windows 7 and intel chipset All Sata connectors are set to AHCI in BIOS. The Intel RST Driver is not installed.


      Any ideas?