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    DH67BL post beeps, no video?


      I have a DH67BL motherboard that came with my ZT systems computer.  The system boots and runs fine until I insert my PV-149 video capture card[1] in the PCI slot.  With the PV-149 card installed, the system gives two POST beeps of 1 second each, followed by 2 seconds of silence, then followed by the 2 POST beeps again.  The screen remains completely black during this POST failure.  The system does not continue to boot to the OS.  If I remove the PV-149 card, the system boots and runs normally again.


      From the Intel support area[2], it appears that the system no longer detects the onboard video with this video capture card installed.  I tried updating my BIOS to the latest release (version 0151) [3], but that did not fix the problem.


      Any tips on getting the system to boot with this video capture card are appreciated.







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          First make sure you have the latest firmware update/drivers for this card. We also recommend testing a different card on the PCI Express* slot to narrow the issue. It is very possible this is a compatibility issue with the card you are currently using.

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            Hi Dan_Intel

            I am having the same problem with a NV9200 PCI DVR card for CCTV and a DH67BL. This card works in an older system. I updated the bios to 156 but the problem still remains. I also set the onboard graphics to primary but the problem persists. Due to the cost of this PCI card I cannot just scrap it. PLEASE HELP!

            PS: I also tried a sound card in the PCI slot and that works - So the PCI slot is working.