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    DZ77BH-55K Intel HD 4000 Video Driver issue - color confusion


      I'm having trouble with a DZ7BH-55K mainboard and a i7-3550K CPU.  I'm running Windows 7 SP1, 64-bit.


      With a 1980x1200 Sceptre 24" monitor (via HDMI to DVI cable) the video appears to get confused from time to time. I haven't yet found a pattern, but about 1 in 10 times on reboot, or from time-to-time on startup, it is as though some of the colors become confused. The image is mostly correct, but many of the pixels related to motion effects take on the wrong color so that there are strange pulsations or flickering on the screen. For example, the outer edges of the Windows RGBY diamond that appears when windows starts up is all corrupted.


      It is easy to fix temporarily by changing resolutions and setting back to original setting, but it is pretty annoyingn to have to do this from time to time.


      I don't see this problem with the Windows 7, generic VGA driver that installs by default when Windows is installed from DVD so I'm pretty sure it is a driver issue.


      For now I'm using the generic driver.


      Has anyone else seen this? Any suggestions?

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          I've not seen this problem and using the same board but with an i7 3770, I have a DELL 24" monitor connected via DisplayPort (1920x1200) and a second monitor via HDMI to DVI.


          It's strange you should see the problem while windows loads the initial graphic animation as at this point the monitor drivers aren't loaded as far as I know, which would suggest not a driver problem.


          What does spring to mind is 1920x1200 is the top resolution you can get with a DVI single link that these boards support, so you need a good quality DVI cable and adapter.  I'd suggest changing the DVI cable to another one to see if that helps, even if the cable worked previously, as it is worth ruling it out.


          One oddity I've seen in my case is the Dell monitor was given a 59HZ refresh rate.  There were two choices under the HD graphics setting, one being 59Hz the other 60Hz, so might be worth checking as 60Hz.





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            I do have something similar. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Gigabyte GA-MA-Z77M-D3H motherboard, i7-3770K CPU, Hewlett Packard ZR24w (DVI) and Samsung 2493hm (HDMI) monitors. Everything seems fine, but when I start Civilization IV game both monitors begin to flicker from time to time (approx. every 1 minute). I did not play other games, so I can't say wether there is such issues in them.

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              Hi rctatar


              Is there any other display you could use to verify the issue is not specific to the Scepter Display? Also, what graphics driver version did you see the issue on?