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    Intel HD Graphics freeze or BSOD


      I have a recently upgraded computer with MSI motherboard and Celeron G530 cpu (HD Graphics 2000?). Before I loaded the HD Graphics drives I was working without any hardware-specific drivers. The computer worked fine except for obvious flashes (screen refresh?) when playing Freecell. However, then I had to load the HD Graphics from the MSI disc when I wanted to play some games. This is because I didn't have opengl (but I did have directx9c). After the install my computer kept freezing a couple of minutes after logging on to my computer, so I want to the Intel download site and downloaded the current version of the HD Drivers. After this my computer kept getting BSOD during bootup. I rebooted in VGA mode went to device manager and deleted HD Graphics and rebooted the computer automatically detected HD Graphics and the date on the driver is now 2/27/2011. This has left me with a stable system (so far). I conclude that there is something corrupted about recent version of the HD Graphics drivers.