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    520 SMART problems, help !


      I have a intel SSD 520 series 120gb, purchased about 5 days ago, and i have some SMART problems. Tested with SSD Life and Intel Toolbox.


      Problem is: Every time i shut down my PC, then i power it up again, the SMART parameters:


      AE: Unexpected Power Loss, C0: Unsafe Shutdown Count, the numbers increase !! Why ? This is a common problem, or i am the single one with this problem ? What Intel says about this ? Is normal ? Could in 2-3 years my SSD die ? Or sooner ???


      And another problem, after i installed my new SSD, i've looked up in SSD Life, and the program told me that the SSD Work Time is 102 years  !?!?


      Please help me, or give me some advice. I've purchased the Intel SSD, cuz i've heard it's more reliable, i wanted to buy OCZ.


      Here are the pictures.



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          Don't worry about the Unsafe/Unexpected counts, this is a known problem with the 520 series, as is the Power-On count.


          A new version of SSD Toolbox (3.0.3) is out, it may have corrected these niggles with SMART data. I'm still using 3.0.2 as the firmware itself has not been updated.

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            Just to echo the already good advice.  The unexpected power failure is something most of us are seeing.


            The power on hours reported from SMART on these SSD drives isn't a simple number or count of hours, however most software assumes it is and so gets it completely wrong.  I'm sure in time they will catch up.


            CrystalDiskInfo - Software - Crystal Dew World appears to correctly work out the on hour count.





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              Thanks for the help. Now from not known reason the numbers aren't increasing anymore


              They remained at 16, both of them.


              But one more question. I have the firmware 400i, there is a new firmware ? And how i update to it ?

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                No new firmware that I'm aware of yet.


                Any new firmware is part of the Intel SSD Toolkit, so new firmware is usually delivered in new versions of the toolkit and you just update using that.





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                  Hello I hate to disagree with everybody but this is not a bug or normal please keep looking for a fix and i'm positive Intel will tell you that you no longer have the 5 year warranty for shutting down your ssd the wrong way, I can see those numbers from unsafe shutdown count and unexpected power loss voiding your warranty for not safely taking care of your ssd from power outages.


                  as you can see my Notebook does not do what you are experiencing look

                  Laptop Results 2.jpg

                  Direct link http://i50.tinypic.com/2wck1ua.jpg

                  the 1 in my picture on both unsafe and unexpected counts is because i removed the battery from my Notebook to see if they would go up and they did.


                  But i too have the problem you have on my PC but i Fixed it the numbers no longer go up just power cycle count this picture is before i fixed it look

                  Pc ssd info.jpg

                  Direct Link http://i45.tinypic.com/15i983k.jpg

                  i have 3 SSD in my PC and they all did as you explained in your post.


                  i couldn't just leave it alone or forget about it i'm weird like that so i searched for about 5 days and found no help i couldn't join the Intel forums for 3 days (odd) I just finally joined and i would like to share how i fixed my problem.


                  I moved all my SSD via eSata to my Notebook and the numbers no longer went up just the power cycle count so i knew the SSD were rocks working perfect and fast, i was told on another forum that its a faulty video card on this link Intel SSD 520 series problem  they too have the same problem as you do, but that was not my fix so i kept looking.


                  get this ever since i changed my PC bios to ACHI i got a safely remove hardware icon like if the ssd were usb devices or something but ACHI allows for hot swap i'm guessing that's why they showed up in the safely remove hardware area, in my Notebook its a HP and the bios is locked no way to get in but in my PC i can change all the settings. if your bios has sata hot plug or somthing related maybe disabling it will help.

                  but this is what i'm talking about look

                  remove usb icon.jpg

                  and this other picture is from my Notebook it does not suffer from what my PC does

                  hp no usb icon.png

                  so i came to a conclusion that every time i shutdown my PC i don't safely remove my SSD like you should a normal USB i'm guessing every time i just corrupt them by not safely removing the ssd but it would not allow me to remove them the PC would say something like its being used cant remove.


                  so i searched for ssd showing in safely remove hardware spot to find this fix link FIX: AHCI/SATA drives showing in "Safely Remove Hardware"

                  and to my very long search i finally fixed my unsafe shutdown count and unexpected power loss count my PC no longer does this it just works the SSD no longer show up in safely remove hardware area and the smart numbers no longer go up just the power cycle count.


                  i'm so happy it got fixed as it was bugging me like no other day to the point that i regretted buying 5 Intel SSD for my 2 Notebooks and 3 SSD for my PC and 1 Notebook is running on Windows 8 Consumer preview so i have no idea how that SSD is doing since the Intel Tool box wont install on windows 8.


                  anyways i just wanted to share my experience maybe it can help someone out a little.

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                    Hey SuperDeo, i am the same guy from overclock.net

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                      DOH!!! i guess the no picture threw me off, Glad you fixed your problem too though

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                        I've forgot to put a picture, and to put my nickname, here is my real name

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                          Looks like a good "workaround" for this bug, but I have two problems :


                          1) My internal drives (SSD and HDD) don't appear in the "Safely Remove..." list (which is what you would expect)


                          2) Although using SATA/AHCI mode (in BIOS), I'm not using MSAHCI but the IRST drivers (AS-SSD detects "iaStor - OK" rather than "msahci - OK"), so doubt if this fix would have any effect.


                          So every normal shutdown still counts as unexpected/unsafe.


                          I would be very surprised if Intel tried to wriggle out of their warranty on this basis, as it is widely known and reported that the counters increment after every proper shutdown, and have yet to release a firmware or toolbox fix.

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                            That's it the red hydra logo, I cant believe i reply'd to your post on 2 sites from the whole internet

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                              @dennisammenace i still don't think its a ssd bug but im sure its a motherboard bug with its drivers and bios. when i contacted Intel about my ssd and i told them my story they said it sounds like a defective ssd and to send all 3 in for repair but i didn't cause i know they are good from testing them on my Notebook so than i searched on my own but i found a fix


                              my Notebook is the same as yours, the ssd does not appear in safely remove hardware and ACHI is enabled.


                              my PC does not have ACHI in the bios ASUS removed the feature with there new bios release for my motherboard (P5KC) leaving only IDE mode, so i got a bios mod that merged both the old and new bios to get ACHI enabled with doing so i got the safely remove hardware icon all the time (bios bug).


                              Intel stopped supporting the ICH9 controller for my motherboard and so did ASUS they only have Vista drivers so Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver does not install on my PC, my ssd are connected to the 3/4 ICH9 Sata ports and i don't use the 1 JMicron Sata port that Intel says not to use.


                              both my PC and Notebook have Fresh Windows 7 Service pack 1 with only the video card drivers installed the rest are windows stock drivers and service pack 1 is Super FASTer than a windows without it.


                              sorry that i cant be much of help to the issue your having with your ssd i know its frustrating

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                                Yes, it's funny I've opened this thread here, in hope i can get some Intel official reply, but i've fixed the problem.


                                And the avatar is from the game called Witcher 2.

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                                  That would be great to have a Intel rep let us know if the smart thing in the tool box is working right or not but just glad those numbers no longer go up

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                                    Just noticed that since I moved to the Intel DZ77BH-55K motherboard my Unexpected Power loss and Unsafe Shutdown counts have stopped incrementing.


                                    This makes me think it is a BIOS or chipset issue.





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