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    Issue with personal hotspot in intel my wifi dashboard


      Dear support community,


      I encounter an issue using the personal hotspot function that I wanted to use with a second laptop connecting to hotspot laptop in order to exchange files in the workplace without connecting to the enterprise router. So I launch the intel My Wifi Dashboard (MWD) application first turn on the wireless discovery, then setup a username and password in options->hotspot. Then when i click hotspot->on, it stays on for about a minute before shutting off by itself.


      My hardware:


      I have a new HP Envy 15 laptop under Windows 7 (64 bits)

      Intel Centrino Ultimate N 6300 wireless card.

      Intel Proset 15.1.1 and MWD 15.1.1 (latest 64 bits drivers)


      What I tried:


      Initially it worked for about 30 min. with connecting with other laptop and seeing each others file. Then it shutdown by itself and never worked again :-( I tried it on the sector and on the battery with both power settings using the wireless card at maximum power no power saving mode whatsoever. I have also played with the settings of channel width 20 MHz or Auto, didn't help. I am using N mode of course. I also tried previously with drivers and MWD version 15.1.0, thought maybe 15.1.1 would fix it...


      Has anybody experience issues running the hotspot?

      Is there any error logs in MWD or windows that would help me know why its not turning on (its turning on in the software for about 30 sec. everytime but I suppose its not really turning on for real... and then its turning off by itself in the software) ?

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          Please note that the problem that you are describing could be related with a corruption in your operating system, the recommendation is always to use the latest driver available, if that does not work you might want to try a third party tool to remove the software then install the latest version or reinstall the operating system and try installing the latest driver again.

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            Mike Henry

            I am having the same problem.  The hot spot button worked originally but only momentarily.  But now the hotspot switch goes over , and my wifi mouse goes out, the wifi never turns on and the mouse comes back in about 30 secs. I would like to connect my android phone! this all worked with my wifi dashboard 14.  If you get any more advise please pass it on.

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              I have the same issue. I have been configuring some parameters related to power management on WIFI Administrator Tool after this issue happens, And this continue off the Hotspot, I understand the future standard development related with WIFI Direct, but this feature was functioning perfect in My WIFI Tecnology software. This functioning connecting my devices by demand ( awake each time when my devices needed data, but the link is maintained over time).