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    DH67BL graphics card not detected


      as above, the PCI-e graphics card is not detected


      i get no screen at startup unless I remov the card altogether


      it is a galaxy M210 card with no 6 pin PSU conction, just straight nto the PCI-E slot


      how do i fix his?

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          Is your PSU powerfull enough to power this PC with the new graphics card you plan to use (3.3v and 5.0v rail current ratings are especially important if the card is getting all its power through the PCIe slot)? Is the motherboards BIOS up to date (make sure if you do flash upgrade it, you have no graphics card installed when doing so)? If these are both in order there may be a firmware update from the graphics card maker to address this issue - have a look on their website or get in touch with the card makers tech support people to see what they say about it.