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    need ur help on   chooseing a motherboard upgrade for my pent D 925 Duel core 3.00ghz processor


      ok u know what processor i have i dont like my oem board by hp ( they got it from MSI model AO10 ) cant even get any info on this board. anyway i heard that yes long ago these processors were a favorite for over clockers though they  do run very hot. what i do is listen to a lot of music and download all kinds of junk and play internet games,(NOT the real high-end games) but stuff like star defender and smash frenzy u-know fun stuff like that so i have memery pc2 5300 non regerstered 240 pin on my old bard it has a front side bus speed of 800 mhz   board has a 4-mb ls cache so please find me a compatible board maybe something i can experimate with the over clocking thing. i'll even settle for a used board cause i can get these processors real cheap used as well if it gets fried  its a learning experiance would l;ove to have u e-mail me so we can contact i do have a few simple other questions ( im not totally useless i fix the neighborhoods  comps all the time for nothing thats how i learned so much. have fun and H_E_L_P